10 Most Popular Health and Fitness Apps

The best part about living in the digital age is that technology is ready and available to help with the challenges that come with starting and maintaining a workout routine or diet program.

There are countless options for health and fitness apps today, and although they may not necessarily give you the perfect abs or slimmer body, you can start your way to a healthy body and mind.

Check out the 10 most popular health and fitness apps today.

  1.   Aaptiv

This in-ear app is great for comprehensive training.

Its features include 15 elite personal trainers (though you can create new ones every week), at least 30 classes added weekly to the app, over 2,500 audio classes, custom playlists, reminders, customized workouts, progress tracking, and unlimited use with your subscription.

Aaptiv’s variety of workouts including pre workout tips and after sessions mean you don’t repeat the same ones over and over, plus its audio-driven steps make for an easy follow-along.

  1.   MyFitnessPal

This calorie-tracking app features a rich database of foods to help you track your macronutrients and calories like easy logging and organization of your nutrition.

It also tracks recent recipes, foods or meals for easier inputting over time, while limiting you to individual food entries, plus you can create your own meals.

With its premium subscription, you can track exercise and set calorie goals for different days of the week, and get more nutritional insight for over 5 million different foods.

It syncs with various other fitness-tracking apps including MapMyFitness and MapMyRun.

  1.   Couch to 5K

Known as C25K®, this app offers the easiest program that’s proven to help inexperienced runners starting out their exercise routine, to get off the couch and be up and running. We understand how important is walking and running to stay in shape. Aren’t we?

By dedicating about 20-30 minutes thrice a week, you should be ready to run the 5K within nine weeks.

It offers a structured plan with workouts, virtual coaches, audio cues, a tracking system, and a simple yet intuitive user interface.

You also get to work out while listening to brand new curated music built into the app (or have your own playlist), custom color schemes for the skins, plus it is compatible with MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit, Spotify, Pandora, and Nike+ GPS.

It also integrates with Twitter and Facebook communities so you can meet other runners.

  1.   8fit

8fit offers custom created meal plans and exercises based on your current stats and goals, as well as preferences.

It asks how many workouts you want to do each week, number of meals you like eating daily, the variety you want in your nutrition program, or how you’d like your food prepared.

The meal plan also offers options to select the days you want to shop in advance, plus gives you an automatically generated shopping list based on the daily recipes, and demo videos.

You can log workouts and track them accurately, or use preset workouts.

The 8fit Pro edition offers even more personalized meal plans and custom workouts. It also guides on what all it requires for taking up bodybuilding in early years.

  1.   Lose It!

This goal-oriented app helps you hit your fitness goals through tracking exercise and food.

It is the perfect way of logging what you eat so as to attain your weight goals.

A large database of food is available that breaks down meals into breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner.

It also offers barcode scanning, manual logging of food or even photographing it using the Snap It feature.

The premium subscription offers nutritional trends and statistics.

  1.   MySmile

This app is always at your disposal helping you schedule dental appointments and checkup reminders.

It has answers to most oral hygiene and dental health questions, thanks to its educational videos that also teach among other things how to brush teeth, using dental floss or proxabrush, treating neglected teeth decaying, and oral hygiene for children. The app works to subside phobias associated with dental health too.

You can also find information on correct behavior if you’re recovering from surgery, plus get notifications from your dentist on promos and news updates about their clinic.

  1.   Happify

This app helps you overcome negative thoughts and stress, and build better resilience and emotional health.

It features engaging games and activities, 20-page character strength report in partnership with VIA Institute, unlimited access to over 30 tracks, and daily progress tracking, plus much more.

  1.   Fitocracy

Fitocracy is great for encouragement and helps you train your way through a variety of workouts, while earning experience points for each workout you do.

As you complete a workout, you’re encouraged to do more as you get different milestones to reach so you can unlock achievement badges, challenges, and level up.

The paid version also offers more features such as access to personalized coaching, saving workouts by other members, and saving unlimited workout routines.

  1.   Strava

Strava is great outdoor cardio or training, so cyclists and runners will love it as it offers tracking for pace, distance, elevation, speed, and calories burned.

It also has a built-in social network so you can join digital clubs with fellow fitness enthusiasts and share your stats too.

The app is compatible with most cycling computers, GPS running watches, and activity trackers.

Its premium edition lets you share location using the Beacon tool, and push further using live performance feedback as you train, personalized coaching training plans, and more detailed post-activity analyses.

  1.    Fooducate

This app isn’t just about eating; it does a lot more including scanning and grading food based on ingredients.

It’s your one-stop source of dietary information with a community of users who trying to become smarter food consumers.

The app also rates the food quality, and products’ health value, while providing recipes, discussions and dietary tips. It also offers pros and cons, and personalized nutrition grades. It’s high time we check on what we eat. Obesity is fast gripping global population. America alone has over 36% adults suffering from it. 


It is possible to be fitter using less space, less time, and less overall energy. Health and fitness apps help you do just that from the palm of your hand. If you’re looking for an app to finally set off that workout you thought you had not time to do, try one of these apps to get you started.

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