13 Best Part-Time Jobs for Students Willing to Move Out of their Comfort Zone

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”
– Albert Einstein, German Physicist

Well, you would never know what you’re made of unless you move out of that comfort zone, shake all inhibitions off and set out for a journey that won’t allow you to settle for less. This particular notion is especially applicable for the students who aspire to think beyond the classroom theories, explore and achieve what’s happening beyond those confined walls of academics.

Relax! You are not asked to set sail and sacrifice education for that. There are umpteenth part-time jobs available for all those early birds, who aspire to be self-dependent before graduation. Here’s a list of 13 best part-time employment options that can help you savor life in a different flavor, without hampering daily academic schedule.

Option #1 – Freelance Photography (Estimated Pay Scale: $25.62 per hour)

This one is for the students who aspire to become a successful photographer someday. Well, the idea is not to keep yourself confined and spend days thinking “what if” and “what not”. It’s time you act wisely. Simply open up a freelance profile, market your resume and add few of your mentionable works as an aspirant, and get started. Photographers are in great demand these days, provided you know the tricks of the trade.

Option #2 – Private Tutoring (Estimated Pay Scale: $26,019 per year)

Isn’t it great to enlighten others with what you have learned and adopted in the past? Yes, it certainly is! So, why don’t you opt for private tutoring? It’s basically a zero investment trade where the only capital required to be invested is your knowledge. Instead of involving in random fooleries and an overdosed leisure after classes, move out of that zone and consider doing something productive that can fetch you recognition and earnings at the same time.

Option #3 –Sales Associate at Departmental Stores (Estimated Pay Scale: $16 per hour)

Choose a convenient shift and devote yourself to the workplace once your classes get over. Students, especially the ones from commerce background aspiring to master salesmanship and every other expertise related to your field of study. Opting for this part-time profession can help you experience probably the best on-hand training ever.

Option #4 – Assistant Librarian (Estimated Pay Scale: $74,900 per year)

This one goes out to the bookworms! Go and make this hobby of yours a profession. Being an assistant librarian won’t require you to sacrifice studies. Simply figure things out beforehand and see if the timing suits you. For a voracious reader, there’s nothing like being amidst an entire world of books and reading through the pages whenever there’s time.

Option #5 – Freelance Writing (Estimated Pay Scale: $20 to $30 per hour on average)

If writing is your forte, then this particular part-time employment option is for you. Just like freelance photography as mentioned above, you can open an account online and look for ideal writing projects that can both suit your time and income expectation. Freelancing is always a great way to start an early career. With each passing day, you will gradually develop expertise and enough experience required for full-time employment in the near future.

Option #6 – Online content editor (Estimated Pay Scale: $46,429 per year)

If you aspire to become a successful newspaper editor someday, then instead of spending days in anticipation, it’s time to act and utilize all classroom theories in a practical world. Being an online content editor, you will both save time and ensure the convenience of working from anywhere.  Looking for a perfect part-time job? Here you go.

Option #7 – Part Time Admin Assistant (Estimated Pay Scale: $29,540 per year)

For students who wish not to drift away from academics and continue with a job that can help them to earn, learn and grow. In addition to earning and learning, becoming an admin assistant may just open up new vistas and help students pave their own path to success in the field of business and management in the near future.

Option #8 – Babysitting (Estimated Pay Scale: $10-$15 per hour)

This can be yet another amazing option for students to earn some quick bucks and spending a great time amidst God’s most precious creations. You are going to enjoy every moment of your work amidst all cute souls. Give it a thought!

Option #9 – Online Yoga Instructor (Estimated Pay Scale: $12.66$49.94 per hour)

If you are a fitness freak, then what’s stopping you from being an online yoga instructor? Provided you have knowledge of yoga workouts, being an online instructor is really easy. Moreover, you will have the convenience of teaching potential students according to a convenient time and from anywhere, so that your academic schedule doesn’t get affected in the long run.

Option #10 – Data Entry Associate (Estimated Pay Scale: $14 per hour or $26,648 per year)

If you have a flair for typing and value precision then opting for data entry and making good money out of it can prove to be a nice idea. The best thing is that you can work online and from anywhere. This means your studies will not get hampered. You can work once you complete meeting your daily academic priorities.

Option #11 – Bartender (Estimated Pay Scale: $10.36 per hour or $21,550 annually)

If only you are adult enough to take this up as a profession, being a bartended can prove to be one of the most exciting professions, which can be practiced on a part-time basis. You will get to experience some fun adventure and earn good bucks at the same time. How cool is that!

Option #12 – Pizza Delivery Boy (Estimated Pay Scale: $20,000 per year)

Got a bike? Love to ride? Then you can opt for this profession as a part-time job to earn some quick bucks while roaming across the city on wheels. Every activity under the sun counts, so is this particular profession. It can help you learn to be punctual and meet deadlines. Ride safe though!

Option #13 – Motorbike mechanic/assistant mechanic (Estimated Pay Scale: $17.21 per hour)

Good news for bike lovers! Instead of roaming in and around the campus on your bike and most of the time purposelessly, consider taking this up as a part-time profession. You can gradually learn how to become a successful mechanic, and in case you are from the automobile stream of academics, then this can prove to be a warm-up session and a technical training for bigger milestones in future to achieve.

So, keep these amazing options in mind and never miss out a chance to make your academic career and professional life run seamlessly amidst great prosperity and rewards. Good luck!

Author Bio – Siena William is an entrepreneur and activist of women’s rights. She has pursued her MBA from Australian National University. She has recently joined Assignment Help Company as a writing expert.

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