4 Essential Things to Know About Your Spare Tires

When you have gone out for a long drive, and get your tire punctured, the spare tire comes to the rescue. Not all tire sizes fit all the car models. The spare tires are usually of the same size of your car’s tire.

Some vehicles may, may not be equipped with a spare tire. In case your vehicle didn’t have one; you might want to consider purchasing one as soon as possible. For example, Mercedes-Benz doesn’t include an additional tire on the purchase. But you can buy an original Mercedes-Benz tire when you are buying this luxury car, according to the car model and the size of the existing tires.

Here are four essential pointers to know about your spare tires.

  1. What Size Of Spare Tire Should Be Used?

The spare tire is also called a donut. This tire helps you reach the nearest mechanic’s shop and not drive the whole route. The spare tires are supposed to match the other tires of your current vehicle. For example, a twenty-inch tire should not be used for a car that has a nineteen or twenty-two-inch tire.

There are different types of spare tires that you can buy. This includes a full-size matching spare, full-size non-matching spare, a temporary spare, compact temporary spare, and a folding temporary spare 

  1. How Fast Can You Drive With The Substitute Tire?

50 miles per hour is the suggested speed when you are driving with a spare tire. This could be extended up to 65 miles per hour. But a sudden break or screech or turn could lead to an accident. These substitutes are not supposed to installed and driven on the highway as it could conk out.

Once the spare tire has been installed, look for the nearest mechanic, before your tires break down completely. The spare tire is generally smaller than the rest of the tires of the car. This means that the substitute tire has a smaller air capacity with less traction. 

  1. How Long Can The Spare Tire Go?

The tire can go till 50 miles after insertion. This could be extended up to seventy miles but at an economic speed. Try to drive at an average speed and not fast as the tire could give up on the car. Driving too long with the spare tire, could exhaust your tire and cause it to blow out.

If the speed or distance has been exceeded, the spare tire loses the lubricating grease which breaks down and causes unnecessary pressure on the gears and clutch plates. Different kinds of spare tires define the distance and speed you could travel with. 

  1. What Is The Correct Air Pressure For Such Tires?

The spare tire should be inflated up till sixty pounds per square inch (PSI) pressure as suggested by ASE. With the correct air pressure, the tires go longer, save fuel, and prevent accidents. If the air pressure is not correct, it could lead reduced tire life, affects the vehicle control, lead to poor gas mileage as well as vehicle overloading.

The air pressure for all tires should be checked regularly to avoid future problems. If the air pressure is too much in any tire, then the tire will touch the ground less than usual. As a result, your car could bounce on the road while you drive. Whereas the tire will be more on the ground like a flat tire if the air pressure is lesser than the suggested PSI. Hence, the traction will suffer and you feel discomfort while driving. The lower pressure cause the tire to overheat and overheating could lead to a terrible tear plus accident.

With the above points, you now know the way to use your spare tire. Make sure that the spare tire was well-inflated and installed properly. Before the installation, recheck for punctures or any other damage on the spare tire. You can also fix the damaged tire on your own if you have the basic tools.

Precisely, it is suggested that you drive within the speed and distance limit as suggested by mechanics or by the Automotive Service Excellence or ASE-certified technicians. You should frequently check the air pressure in all the tires, to avoid mishaps.

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