4 Warning Signs that ask for Change in Volkswagen Car Tires

Over many things that a car owner ponders upon, the right time to change tires consumes much of thought process. Rightly so, it is necessary to change Volkswagen car tires so as to maintain car performance and ensure proper handling. There are some telltale signs which signify the time to change the tire and few easy to carry out procedure with which you can decide if you need to go for a new set of tires or not.

As is the case with automobile equipment, tires too have a lifespan after which they start to lose performance vis-à-vis traction and braking ability. What you must know is that going for temporary measures to prolong life of a tire is not advisable rather check out for these warning signs to know if you need to make a change:

1- Improper Tread Wear Bars

There is tread wear bar which is easily observed when the tread are worn out by 1/6th of an inch. The main function of treads is to divert water beneath the tires. It helps to maintain contact with the road and is must for traction. Worn out treads can result in skidding and might even result in some unfortunate incidence. If the tread wear bar is even with the tread of your Volkswagen tire tread you should contact wheel suppliers at earliest.

Besides this, you can use as simple “penny test” to check the tread. At the center of the tire tread, place the penny with Lincoln upside down. If:

  • The top of the Lincoln’s head or the hair is visible it is time to change the tires.
  • The hair on Lincoln’s head is not visible you can relax as the tread is yet to be worn out below 1/6th of an inch.

2- Irregular Tread Wear

Irregular tread wear can denote numbers of things. It can be due to wheel misalignment or need for tire rotation. In any case, if you notice irregular tread wear it is time to take your car to your mechanic.

Incorrect suspension has direct impact on the running life of a tire. Visit a reliable mechanic or authorized Volkswagen mechanics to get a proper check into suspension quality.

3- Abnormal Bulges on the sidewall

Air bubbles or abnormal bulges on the sidewall of a tire are caused by the air leaking inside of the tire which is due to damaged internal frame of the tire. The sidewall bulges have no correlation with the treads of the tire. Even if the tread are in right shape, the internal frame of the tire can be damaged due to potholes or bumpy rides. Ensure that you change the tire at earliest to avoid any possibility of an accident as these sidewall bulges can result in sudden tire blowout or some sort of failure.

4- Vibration in Steering Wheel

Vibration in the steering wheel should not be ignored. It is a warning sign that there is something faulty with the wheels of your automobile. Vibration can also be caused due to improper air pressure which does not require for the changes of tires rather adjust the air pressure to specified limits. However, other reason for vibration in steering wheel is due to unevenly worn out tires.

The issue can be resolved with rebalancing the wheels. If that does not stop the steering wheel from vibrating you need to get the tires replaced.

These are the warning signs that a car owner needs to be wary of. Tires need to be kept in decent shape to maintain the performance and proper handling of the car. Besides of the above mentioned warning signs, look out for cracks or tear in the tire rubber. The running cycle of a tire is 6 years after which tires should be replaced. Consult with the reliable professionals or the company which you get tires from. So, next time if are wondering should you go for a tire change or not, monitoring these warning signs can be a better way to decide what needs to be done.

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