4 Ways to keep your pet safe when you are away

Keep your pet safe

When it comes to keeping our pets safe, options such as the wireless dog fence are often the choice for many pet owners. But there are also other options you can use to keep your dog safe when you leave your home. Unfortunately, not every pet owner knows of the various ways available to keep their dog or cat safe.

If you have a pet, its safety is a significant source of worry because pets can run off in the blink of an eye. You may get them back when they wander back home or lose them forever. When they do come back home, you have no way of knowing the trouble they have gotten into such as destroying a neighbors property. The good news is that there are lots of ways of keeping your pet in check. Here are a few suggestions for you to try for your pets safety and your peace of mind.

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1. Fences

Like it or not putting up a fence is one of the most logical ways you can use to keep your pet safe. It also ensures other animals and people are safe from your pet which is always a bonus. You have two types of fences you can put up to keep your pet at home. These are;

– A physical fence

First, let’s start with the regular fence that we use to keep our properties safe. Such a fence around your backyard or front yard can keep a dog within your property successfully. Although dogs often run off after bird, squirrels and other animals, most of them will find it hard to traverse a secure fence.

So start by putting up a fence that is high enough to keep your pet in your backyard or front yard. Make sure that the dog cannot dig underneath the fence by burying chicken wire at the base or putting lots of large rocks there because dogs are excellent diggers.

It’s also a good idea to make your fence smooth using a material such as wood panels so that its hard for your dog to get a foothold on it and jump out. For the same reason, make sure that the fence tilts inwards at the top at a 45-degree angle. You should also keep any helpful items such as tables, chairs, tree logs and others away from the fence so that your pet doesn’t use these things as a launching point to jump up and over the wall.

– Wireless dog fence

The other option to keep your pet safe that does not require as much work as a physical fence is to get the best wireless dog fence. You can use it on its own or use it as additional protection when you already have a physical wall that you think your dog may get across.

It’s an invisible electric fence that uses mild electrical shock to keep your pet from straying past a particular point in the yard. There is an electrical line that the dog cannot see that is triggered by a collar you put around its neck. With time, the mild electric zapping from the collar will train the dog to stay within particular parameters so that it does not run off when you leave it at home alone.

2. Lock your dog in the house or kennel

You can also lock your dog in the house or dog kennel until you get back home. Using a pet kennel is much better than leaving the dog in the house as you can keep it outside. Many of these kennels have a small enclosure for the dog to stay away from the elements such as rain. Some also have an open area where the dog can hang out to catch some sun, eat and drink. It’s easy to have a dog kennel in the backyard where you can leave your pet when you go out.

If you feel its hard to keep your dog outside in a kennel, you can lock it in the house. For this to be successful, your dog has to be home trained. It will ensure that the dog will not destroy your property when you are away.

3. Train your dog to stay home

There are times that a wireless dog fence or physical fence will not deter your pet. Even if they do, you may end up with an unruly dog that barks all the time which may disturb the neighbors and distress your pet. You can choose another way to keep your dog home, and that is working on your relationship with the dog through training.

The first thing to do in this case is to give the dog all its needs. When a pet is dissatisfied, it will go out looking for satisfaction. It could be looking for stimulation or food or companionship. To prevent this, you have to provide these things at home.

Start by giving it adequate exercise and spending enough time with it. A dog that gets enough food, exercise, and love is more likely to stay home waiting for its owner. Also, neuter or spay your pet to cut down on instances where it runs off looking for a mate during mating season.

Lastly, when you leave it home alone, find ways to keep it busy using doggy toys, and other entertainment options such as TV. You could also look into getting your pet a companion to keep it from being lonely.

4. Dog walker, dog school or daycare

You can also outsource taking care of your pet when you are not home to professionals. You could have a dog walker pick the dog and walk it for a few hours each day. Professional dog walkers get the pets from their owners, take them for walks, and spend time with them at places such as dog parks. The pets get to enjoy time outside and with other dogs. When your dog gets back home, it will be content to stay put as it has satisfied its need for socialization and physical exercise.

You can also enroll your dog in a reputable doggy daycare facility. There, it will spend time with other dogs in a safe environment. There are always other dogs at doggy daycare that your pet can socialize with and bond. They also take good care of pets and will feed it and provide any other needs until you come and pick it up. You will be sure that the dog is in safe hand wherever you are which is much better than leaving it at home alone to its own devices.

You could also choose to enroll it in dog school. It’s a bit different than dog daycare because they have trainers that teach the dog various skills. Your dog can get house training and also learn some fun tricks. It’s a great way to keep your dog busy learning during your time away.

These are a few suggestions on how to keep your pet safe when you are not at home. When you take good care of your pet, you are not only keeping it safe but also keeping your property and that of others around you safe. So whether its a wireless dog fence or a stint at the doggy daycare, make sure you choose the best. way to keep your pet safe and use it for the safety of your pet and your peace of mind.

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