5 Brands That Raised Profits without Asking their Employees to Work More


Your number one customers are your people. Look after employees first and then customers last.”

The above quote by Ian Hutchison, author of People Glue represents the nature of an idle work environment. The crux is, if the brands focus on the betterment of its employees; the profit is bound to increase.

One of the biggest factors that contribute to business success is employee engagement. However, most of the companies have the misconception that asking employees to work more often leads to the accumulation of profits. This misconception is broken by some of the top brands of this world who have created an idle working environment for their employees and have raised the profits.

Monitoring Employee Engagement- Acquiring the Data is the First Essential

Track where the employees are spending the maximum time: Every decision is based on proper research and data. For a company trying to raise productivity levels, the very first essential is to track where the actual time is spent by the employees. Time tracking software like Time Doctor is of great help in finding out the actual time employees spend into unproductive activities. This in turn helps the management to frame an accurate strategy to improve the concentration of the workers and to provide a healthy and productive work environment.

Survey the employees and find out how satisfied they are in the current environment: Stop guessing and ask your current employees as to how satisfied they are in their current job? It is important to get a feedback on the roles and responsibilities and their experiences with the management. Survey Monkey, the free powerful survey creation software is a great platform to conduct easy surveys for employee satisfaction and measuring the data for taking data backed effective business decisions.

Retain the top talent by connecting data and the people: Keeping the employees engaged in the work and retaining the top talent are the two major issues companies face. Data solution companies like Data Floq provides a solution to this problem by building better employee productivity through metrics. Tracking employee accomplishments and creating better performance reviews can clearly help the employers see the gaps in the environment or the management in order to raise the current levels of productivity.

5 Top Brands and How They Created a Productive Work Environment Backed by Data

When you have effective channels of feedback, you can easily notice the issues and intelligently fix them. This will not only keep the existing talent happy but will also make way for the recruitment of new talent.

Here are the 5 globally recognized brands and how they encouraged their employees to be more productive by fostering a healthy relationship and offering a soothing workspace for nurturing the talent without simply asking them to achieve targets by working more.

  • Google

As per Larry Page (Google co-founder), Google should be more like a family”.

The world’s largest search engine with a market cap of around $739 Billion is undoubtedly the first in the list.  Google wants to make the life of its employees better and easier and here is what they offer to improve the health and happiness of Googlers (A Google employee is known as a Googler).

Perk offered How it helps in Boosting Productivity
On site physicians and nurses It helps the employees to stay healthy which means they will take less medical leaves and this will save the overall time. When employees will spend less time on unnecessary health complications, the productivity is bound to increase.
Travel insurance and emergency assistance for personal vacations More fun with families and less worrying means a happier and confident employee.
More time with your baby New parents are offered leave and extra money to welcome their child. This raises the level of happiness and trust the employee has in the company. This means longer employee retention and experienced employee raises the bar of productivity.
Education reimbursement Google allows 100% of education reimbursement for all its employees which meant they never stop learning and as a result, the productivity keeps on improving.
Free legal aids Absolutely free legal aids to keep the employees concentrated on what they do the best and less on things that can hamper the overall productivity.
Never ending free gourmet foods and snacks Googlers are well fed and this saves time and money. It also helps to foster healthy employee relationships.
Dogs are welcome Google is a pet-friendly office. Bringing a dog to work is great. It keeps the employee stress free and offers them increased job satisfaction.


** This is not a restaurant but a Google office. A family that eats together stays together.

Google has proved with its employee management programs “How employee freedom delivers better business”.

The Result: Annual revenue of Google got a boost from 29 billion dollars in 2010 to 74 billion dollars in 2016.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the Silicon Valley’s happiest workforce providing a happy environment for its employees. It has the highest levels of job satisfaction and the lowest levels of job stress.

Facebook Office

** A castor board rides in the office! Facebook headquarters has coffee shops, ice cream parlors, barbers and more.

Perk Offered How it helps in Boosting Productivity
Medical, dental, life insurance and wellness allowances If the family is healthy, the employees have a great peace of mind which means higher levels of concentration and enhanced productivity.
Public transport reimbursement There should be no restrictions to work and reimbursement for allowances means employees are always ready to take any route to come to work. Regular presence leads to greater productivity.
Free internal learning classes Lots of free learning classes are available in the Facebook campus so that the employees never stop learning.
1 month of paid sabbatical leave Leaves are always welcome as they refreshes the mind and increases the levels of concentration. Good vacation benefits improve employee relationship with the company leading to better productivity.
Nacho Wednesdays and Thursday cocktails Partying is a culture and the team that partys hard, works harder.
Free breakfast, lunch and dinner Employees are well fed and this helps to keep them healthy thereby raising the productivity levels.

The Result:  Facebook’s advertising sales rose 57% in 2016 and amounted to $5.6 billion—their fastest growth rate since the third quarter of 2014.

  1. Salesforce

Marc Benioff and the team at Salesforce have bagged the Forbes Most Innovative Company for 4 years in a row. The efforts company puts into making the customers happy are also used to keep the employees happy and satisfied. Salesforce is a pet-friendly office as it allows the pets to accompany their masters.

Perk offered How it helps in Boosting Productivity
Anyperk – the no work and all perk scheme. Moreover, the employees can suggest a perk directly at salesforceperks@anyperk.com. Employees can save on cool things like Ray Ban sunglasses, concert tickets, nanny services, house cleaning, and much more. This makes them feel more attached to the company and increase trust.
Commuter benefit programs upto $225 per month. Employees get reimbursed for their commuting expenses on bus, train, ferry, streetcar, vanpools. This makes them regular and aids towards productivity.
Provides $100 / month for wellness to be spent on a gym, massage, chiropractor, etc. This makes the employee stress free and helps them to easily achive their work targets.
Six paid days a year to do volunteer work; and if an employee uses all of them, they get a $1,000 grant for a charity of their choice. This is the spirit of giving back and it keeps the employee happy. Happiness leads to increased productivity levels.


Happy office for both my pet and me.

The Result: Company is set on being the software company that is “the fastest to reach $10 billion in annual revenue.

  1. Adobe

The secret to Adobe’s success are their employees. Every Adobe employee is confident that their needs are met and in return, they work with full force and achieve extraordinary results.

Perk offered How it helps in Boosting Productivity
Reimburse up to $360 per year for gym memberships, bike share memberships, fitness classes, massages, nutritional counseling and much more. This leads to greater mental stability, healthy mind and healthy body that eventually lead to better productivity.
EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) for the amily of employees. Employees feel secure to work in a company that takes care of their families. This leads to greater percentage of employee retention and increased profits.
After marriage, employee can enroll new spouse/domestic partner in the medical, dental and/or vision plan offered by the company. Benefits like these make the company more trustworthy and employees feel more satisfied. A satisfied employee is a productive employee.
Amazing working space, gym, cafeteria, lunchrooms and free daily offerings. The employee remains healthy and happy. He/she is fed well and all his needs are well taken care of. This leads to better achievement of targets.
$1,000 gift card with basically no strings attached for an innovative idea. Giving employees the resources to explore whatever they want – even if it’s not an area they work in for their day job – really encourages innovation.

Adobe Fitness center

Don’t confuse it to be only a gym. This is an Adobe office.

The Result: In the past year, Adobe achieved record quarterly revenue of $1.31 billion, representing year-over-year growth of 22 percent.

  1. Apple

Apple is known for its innovation and company culture. Such innovation is observable in terms of products like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It became the pioneer of the “Work Hard Play Hard” ethic. The organizational culture is a key factor in the company’s success.

Perk offered How it helps in Boosting Productivity
Above average compensation package Apple employees receive more salaries as compared to the average industry standards. This is one of the major factors for boosting motivation which ultimately leads to more productivity.
25% off on all Apple products Access to discounted Apple products makes employees happy.
Vacation time, sick time, disability, maternity leave, insurance perks, bereavement and other miscellaneous perks. Makes the employees feel energized and improves their concentration.
Dinners are usually free for people on iOS or OS X teams. You can also pay with your badge via payroll deduction, which is effectively a tax break. Employees feel they are in their second home and this increase the chances of retention thereby increasing productivity.
Expectant mothers can take up to four weeks before a delivery and up to 14 weeks after a birth, while fathers and other non-birth parents are eligible for up to six weeks of parental leave. Employees feel secure and this helps to raise the bar of productivity.


Apple’s new spaceship headquaters. See it, feel it and believe it. Your new star Treck office awaits you.

The Result: The Company posted record quarterly revenue of $75.9 billion and record quarterly net income of $18.4 billion, or $3.28 per diluted share.

After all, the only truth that companies should believe is in the motto: “Brand is culture and culture is brand”. Branding has a vital and major role in getting your people working together towards a shared vision.  Companies should always invest in promoting a culture and environment that makes way for innovation and security. This keeps the employees happy, motivated and more productive.

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