5 Easily Replaceable Car Parts to Boost Performance

Replacing a few worn parts in your car may increase your fuel efficiency, saving you a lot of money in the long run. Performing a regular maintenance is also a great way to save money and to get more out of your car for longer.

Today, cars are highly developed to meet fuel-economy standards and emissions. It is usually not possible to change the factory design. But here are some easily replaceable car parts to enhance its everyday performance. Whichever updates you make, it may not only increase car performance but also help your ride last longer. Make sure to:

  1. Rejuvenate Exhaust System

The exhaust system is a piping system designed to guide exhaust gasses from the combustion engine. It serves as engine coolant and noise reduction system. A good performance is the efficiency of fuel burned in the engine combustion chamber.

A good exhaust system can reduce air pollution, reduce noise and increase power. It is an easy way to increase performance and to avoid long-term repair problems. High-performance exhaust systems are constructed differently and increase the performance of the vehicle. These exhaust systems are made of good materials which create an overall positive effect on car’s engine performance.

  1. Repair Your Old Spark Plugs And Air Filter

Spark plugs are an integral part of vehicles that produce the electrical spark to ignite the air and fuel in each cylinder of the engine. Compromised spark plugs have limited ability to ignite air or fuel mixture that may result in engine misfiring. Spark plugs should be replaced at regular to get better performance. To know when a right time to change your spark plugs, below is are some signs:

  • Having trouble to start car
  • Engine misfires
  • Engine has a rough idle
  • High fuel consumption
  • Lack of acceleration

Air filters are made of a thin layer of cotton of other materials. The main type of air filter is a panel filter or replacement element which replaces the original air filter. It also allows more airflow into the engine for a more efficient use of air or fuel combination. Air filters block contaminants and impurities that degrade the performance of the vehicle. They are washable and make inexpensive reusable performance enhancer.  They are pretty good at keeping dirt and debris out of the engine and deliver an instant improvement in engine power at a low cost.

  1. Get a Good Set of Tires and Rims

Tires play an integral role in the safe and efficient operation of a vehicle. They are extremely important to the performance of the vehicle.  A good set of tires can make a difference in traction and handle turns. Better rubber compounds and tread patterns increase traction that transforms car’s ride. Most people choose performance tires and pay attention to the speed rating on the tires.

Bigger wheels and wider tires are gaining popularity nowadays which is also known as “plus-sizing” or “inching-up”. They refer to replace original tires or wheels with a larger diameter. It increases steering response and corning ability. It also gives a sporty and sleek appearance to the car. If you are considering a good quality AMG wheels and tires, you can purchase online easily. You can also follow below-mentioned points to get better and last longer benefits of tires:

  • Low tire pressure has a negative impact on mileage and increases the risk of a blowout. So it is important to impact your tire pressure frequently.
  • Do not skip regular tire rotation and balancing.
  • Keep tabs on your tires to find potentially damaging wear patterns.
  • Drive carefully and avoid rougher roads when possible.
  • Make it a habit of staying properly aligned.
  1. Enhance Turbochargers

Turbochargers are also known as “turbo-supercharger”. Turbochargers are a high-stress part in an engine and are subjected to extremes of heat and motion. It works by actively pumping air through engine’s intake valves. It does not require any power from the engine in order to work. It is based on the idea that it can be possible to increase power by putting the most air-fuel mixture into same size cylinders. Installing a turbocharger is a cost-effective way to increase the power of a non-turbo car. To know reasons which cause of turbo failure, check below-mentioned points:

  • Over speeding when the turbo has to work harder than it should
  • Foreign objects getting into the turbo
  • Oil problems like- lack of lubrication or contaminated oil
  1. Upgrade the Intercooler

The intercooler is also known as a heat exchanger that is used to cool air. It can be placed in the path of air that is coming from turbo supercharger to the motor.  This is a key part of improving BHP and performance. It works by shrinking the air before it enters the combustion chamber and generates a lot of heat. Intercooler works to keep all things cool. To improve your intercooler, below are some points which show the ways:

  • Make sure it is seeing most airflow that it can
  • Size the intercooler properly
  • Add an external cooling system to aid in cooling the intercooler

Think about what you want to change in your car for more performance. It may be the acceleration or unnecessary fuel consumption. It could be any other thing. If you want to increase mileage or performance of your car, follow the above mentioned points.

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