5 Marketing Automation Tools to Better Manage Your Freelance Business

Marketing Automation Tools

Freelancers can instantly boost their productivity if they start using automation tools for their routine tasks. Productivity is improved if you are able to generate more free time and marketing automation helps freelancers to better manage their work, helping them save more time so that they are able to attain a better work-life balance.

Here are the top 5 tools to automate your freelance business in order to generate more ROI:

  1. Getresponse

Getresponse is a veteran marketing service provider which has recently upgraded its suite of tools to add a marketing automation feature. It is extremely cost effective and serves as a complete marketing solution. In a landscape with high-end MA tools like Hubspot and Marketo, Getresponse acts as the perfect choice for freelancers and SMBs. Its notable features are:

  • Simple Drag-drop-join workflow builder. The interface is easy and highly intuitive. You just need to create trigger events to monitor user’s online behavior. As soon as the lead shows a “favorable” response, a customized marketing communication is sent to the user.
  • Detailed analytics features with tracking and lead segmentation. It creates comprehensive user profiles with the help of big data about user engagement history. Getresponse helps freelancers create more engageable marketing campaigns backed by relevant data.
  • Comprehensive compliances and protocols like CAN-SPAM, SPF, SKIM and ISP Feedback Loop Program. It minimizes bounce rates and removes spam profiles as soon as they are detected. They are used to ensure that your message reaches the right inbox at the right time.
  • Exhaustive landing pages and forms to create emails and first point of contact for marketing. Predesigned templates help you to create a smooth interface for your clients when they engage with your email or freelancing website.
  • Testing of Communication with mobile optimization. Freelancers can easily check the readability of their messages on mobile platforms and optimize it for better results. The testing is done on the basis of content length, quality, subject, from field, images, structure, CTA, send time etc.

Learn more about marketing automation and its applications from Marketing Automation hub. It has high quality content from industry experts like Jeff Bullas, Dave Sutton and Ann Handley.

  1. Pipedrive

Salesforce has been the go-to choice for ages as a powerful CRM system. However, Pipedrive was launched in 2010 as an affordable alternative to help SMBs and freelancers to manage and enhance client relations. Its features are straightforward but robust, such as:

  • Client profile management based on online behavior. It enhances retention by controlling sales actions from a master sales timeline. All the data is backed up in cloud systems.
  • Google App integration and syncing with Email service provider or MA software. It sets reminders to notify you about prospects’ interest to help you drive deals towards completion.
  • Multilingual interface which works with numerous currencies. It generates predictions and insights with in-depth analytics. It also performs forecasting to give meaningful sales targets.
  • Easy customization with four metric theory. The main KPI focus is number of deals, size of deal, conversion ratio and average time for closing the deal. It captures relevant data with minimal error for integration, web forms and import/export feature.
  • Open API. The system is updated regularly with a major emphasis on user-friendliness.
  1. Hootsuite

It is one of the best notification aggregation tools available in the market. It is a continuously upgraded and a hassle-free application because of a cloud system and web based application. Again, the web based system makes it convenient and easily usable from any location. Notable features include:

  • Connect multiple social media accounts on an easy to use dashboard. It aggregates notifications and helps you to track, customize and post to all social media websites instantly. Posts may include images, videos and other media files.
  • Users can schedule their social media posts to prevent errors and missing important updates. You can choose between live update, pre-scheduling and sharing.
  • URLs can be easily customized to include link parameters for more meaningful tracking of clicks.
  • With a handheld integration to mobile apps, Hootsuite can be used from mobiles and tablets.
  • Easily embeddable search columns which can be directly inserted with a code from Hootsuite application.
  • The interface is highly customizable with tabbed and multi-column layout.
  1. InVision

InVision is a wireframing tool which is actually extremely easy to use. It facilitates prototyping, collaboration and building workflow. In a relatively small amount of time it has become a natural choice for designers.

  • Multiple interfaces, including web based system or downloadable application. It has very simple prototyping feature where you just have to upload a picture and assign hotspots.
  • It converts designs into active prototypes which also have transitions and animations. A designer does not have to learn coding. It can create models of different types of devices with relative realism.
  • It has a cross platform support wherein clients can give feedback in real time. These feedbacks can be arranged in a to-do list to generate a threaded conversation.
  • InVision can be integrated with Photoshop, Sketch, Slack and a plethora of other services. The pricing is very affordable with student plan of one active prototype which is free for life.
  • An in-browser screen which can double up as a design meeting dashboard. It provides easy and seamless collaboration across teams.
  1. Bonsai

Bonsai was created to make freelancing easy and effective. It simplifies creation of contracts, reviewing it from a client and getting it signed. It also makes invoicing easy and automated.

  • Their freelancing product is divided into two categories: Contracts and Payments. The former helps in creating strong contracts and e-sign it. The latter makes it easy to get paid online.
  • The system is extremely affordable with free standardized contracts. Paid invoices are being charged minimally with $1 per transaction.
  • Contracts are available for designers, illustrators, developers, videographers, writers and photographers. The generic international contract can be customized according to the user.
  • All the contracts are legally binding. Electronic signatures are firmly established in most of the countries.
  • Freelancers can schedule auto-sending of invoices. It can be done with recurring as well as regular invoices. A notification is forwarded to you one day prior to being sent to the client.

A freelancing venture can take any form. There are no fixed rules and procedures to secure its success. However, every freelancer must make use of latest tools to simplify various aspects of business. Take total control of your freelancing and enhance your productivity.

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