5 Morning Exercises for Women Wanting Sexy Curves

Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Jessica Simpson: Love them or hate them, you can’t help but  fall in love with their voluptuous curves — and to wish you had them yourself. Imagine how much better you would look in jeans. How much more proportionate your body would look. How much more feminine you would feel, and what sexy curves could do for your love life.

But how do you get them? Is it even possible? Here’s a rundown of five specific morning exercises you can do for a curvy body.

  1. Side Planks

Side plank

Side planks are the perfect morning workout for accentuating your curves. You can perform them virtually anywhere — at a local gym or right in your home.

How to Perform Them

Begin with the right side of the body. Lie down on your right side, and position your left forearm so that it’s perpendicular to the body. Then, lift your body up holding yourself up using your left arm and forearm. Lift your hips up until your body is straight from shoulder to ankles.

Stay this way for half a minute. Then, repeat these steps on your left. Work on both sides two more times. You’ll be done with this workout in just three minutes.

Why Side Planks Work

To have sexy curves, you need to decrease your waistline. A petite waistline is what makes a woman’s hourglass figure possible. Side planks can easily slim your waistline to get you the results you want, as they tone your body’s core, slim your visceral fat and work those abs.

  1. Squats

Next up is the squat — again, an exercise you can do in a gym or at home.

How to Perform Them 

To begin a narrow squat, place your feet hip-width apart. Then, put all of your weight on your heels and sit your buttocks back. Make sure that your back is straight, and squat down. Go as far down as possible before you stand back up. Do this as many times as possible for 30 seconds.

Now, it’s time to do side squats. Turn your feet outward, ensuring that they are between two and three feet apart. Squat down and come back up for one repetition. Do 30 seconds’ worth of these repetitions. To get more of a workout, you can squat using dumbbell or barbell weights.

Why Squats Work

Squats are among the best exercises you can do to get sexy curves because they build up the muscles in your butt, eliminate that annoying fat and toning those hips. They also work your quads and hamstrings, ensuring your legs look tight too.

  1. Booty Bridges

Booty bridges can be difficult, but they are the perfect bridge to the sexy curves you want.

How to Perform Them

To perform this workout, lie down, and make sure that the feet are flat on the floor, a handful of inches in front of the butt. Keep those knees bent, pointing toward the sky. Next, lift up your hips until your body has formed a straight line from knees to shoulders. Relax your back and butt to lay back down. Keep doing this as many times as possible for half a minute.

Why Bridges Work

Booty bridges strengthen the back, and they also build up your buttocks muscles — an important ingredient for having a curvy figure.

  1. Lunges

Lunges are another challenging exercise that can work wonders for your thigh region.

How to Perform Them 

Stand straight with your feet together in a parallel position. Step forward about three feet and bend both knees keeping your torso between your two feet. Step back to your starting position and repeat this movement with the other foot.

You should keep your back straight and your abdominals engaged throughout the exercise. For a more challenging workout, try completing lunges with weights in your hands.

Why Lunges Work

This exercise is effective because you work multiple muscles in the legs at one time, and toned legs contribute to having a curvy appearance. You’ll feel the workout in your glutes, calves, quads, and hamstrings.

  1. Step Ups


This workout is also ideal for toning the legs and helping you to achieve your perfect figure. You just need a bench or box to perform it.

How to Perform Them

Standing facing your bench with your feet together. Place all of your weight on the left leg as you step up onto the bench with your right. Step back down to the ground with the same leg. Repeat this on the other side. Alternate between the left and right legs until you’ve reached 50 repetitions on each.

Why Step Ups Work

Step ups make your legs leaner and your buttocks larger, which is what you need to have a curvy figure.

Get Working

All of these workouts are great because you can do them the minute you get out of bed. You don’t need any additional tools or the gym to get toned and fit. With just a few minutes every morning, you can quickly be on your way to creating sexy curves worthy of a magazine spread.

Carl Turner
Carl Turner is a personal trainer and freelance lifestyle writer from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience, he has trained many clients and has helped them to reach their personal fitness goals. During his free time, he enjoys kayaking, hiking, reading, and attending Krav Maga fitness classes.