5 Reasons to Invest in Smart Home Automation

With the advent of smartphones and smart TV’s, having full home automation is more widely available, while the technology is taking over every aspect of life and making it more convenient and streamlined. Everything from lights to window blinds, from locks to security cameras, from thermostats to outdoor sprinklers, all can be controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Smart devices tend to decrease waste and increase efficiency which maximizes capabilities while minimizing cost. Not only is this technology a good idea for your own peace of mind, but it can also be a good investment for increasing your home’s value.

 1. Convenience and Safety

There are many reasons to invest in smart home devices and systems, including convenience and safety. There is no need to rush home in case you left an appliance turned on or worry that, while on vacation, your house will look dark and lonely – the perfect invitation for burglars. Just a quick tap on your smartphone app and everything is taken care of. With smart home security devices and smart appliances and gadgets, you can not only stay connected to your house at all times, but also control temperature, climate, lighting, locks, security and other features from a single smartphone or tablet.

There are many different security systems including keyless entry and cameras available. Security cameras can send live feed to your smart device when the motion sensors are activated and some security systems can even call the police. Many home security systems will also let you open or lock the doors from an app on your smart device. Others have 24/7 monitoring, although that can be costly. Keyless entry can be part of your home automation system or completely autonomous, depending on if you just want to open the door from somewhere in your home or somewhere in the world. The latter would be controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Energy Savings

Smart lighting can help minimize your energy costs. A significant portion of wasted lighting energy can be contributed to lights left on that are no longer needed, such as from extra lighting or leaving lighting on in a room no longer occupied. Having smart lighting that turns on and off with motion sensors or by using a timer can bring energy costs down.

Another good investment is a smart thermostat. By programming the temperatures for day, night and specific times, as well as vacation, you will have significant savings on your monthly energy bills.

Automatic window shades connected to a smart home hub can also substantially reduce the amount of energy your HVAC system uses by allowing the blinds to react independently to readings from temperature and sunlight sensors, also connected to the smart hub. When coupled with smart lighting, smart blinds can reduce the need for lights during daylight hours by triggering the lights to turn off, thus maximizing the natural daylight in your home.

Smart solar panels connected to a smart home hub can further reduce energy costs by monitoring the optimum times to receive energy from the sun and when battery storage is full or can be used for household needs.

3. Smart HVAC Systems

Although having a smart thermostat is a really good idea for energy savings, another smart house technology upgrade is making your HVAC system smart. It does not require getting a new HVAC system; just add a bit of technology to your existing system, and it will work with your smart thermostat.

Smart HVAC systems will control the temperature in every room with built in sensors on each of the vents, thus making sure there are no “cold spots” – uneven temperatures from room to room – because the occupancy as well as the daily and hourly usage is also monitored. They even monitor their own performance to lower chances of breakdowns and enhance efficiency.

4. Landscape Maintenance

Irrigation systems have been automated for a while now, helping homeowners keep their landscapes green without having to remember when they watered last. However, older systems water on a schedule that does not take into consideration the weather or the soil moisture level.

Enter the smart irrigation system. Now we can monitor the moisture level of the backyard versus the front yard and the trees versus the rose bushes, as well as the weather.  Smart irrigation systems will give you better control of your landscape’s water needs as well as optimize your resources, so that everything gets what it needs without waste.

Since smart systems can make decisions independently, it gives you peace of mind should you be away, and will save you money on your water bills. Being able to control your water usage not only helps you save money, it also helps the environment by conserving water, a precious resource, while keeping a lush and beautiful landscape.

5. Property Value

Having a home automation system does not always necessarily mean your house will go up in value. It depends on which smart home devices or smart home security devices you use. A personalized home automation system, such as automated lights, keyless entry or smart thermostat will not raise property value; however, they will be noted by buyers who are interested in these items over a house that doesn’t have them.

Contrary-wise, a house that has a smart irrigation system, smart HVAC system, smart solar panels or even smart building materials will have a better resale value when put on the market than conventional homes. Many smart home automation systems will make a home feel more well-appointed and convenient for future buyers, thereby making it more desirable and easier to sell.

Smart Home Automation

Investing in smart home devices is a good idea when thinking about peace of mind and convenience. Which personalized home automation system you get depends on you, and Creative Sound and Integration in Scottsdale can help you put together a system that meets your needs, while exceeding your expectations. It was founded in 2001 by Doug Greenwald and Edward Moreau, who together have a rich history of over 40 combined years of experience in the electronics industry.


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