5 Ways You Need To Know To Keep Your Weight Training Injury-Free

Power Lifting champions also cope with injuries due to various reasons. Some of which can be carelessness in the gym or skip the warm-up sessions. Whether you are at the local gym or at home, you can be injured at any time if you are not careful. Injuries like sprains, strains, and broken bones are some of the common injuries for an athletic or active lifestyle. But remember to go through fitness quotes for more motivation.

But did you know that these injuries can be diminished, avoided, and prevented? You just need a bit more of knowledge and preparation if you want to be away from injuries.

Here are six ways to prevent your weight training injury.

  1. Save Those Feet And Ankles By Wearing Proper Shoes

You spend days sitting in front of your computers or laptops. Once that upper body starts to pain, you stand up. By standing up, all of a sudden the weight falls down to your foot. And bang! Your feet are under the pressure now. Now if you are wearing shoes that are higher at the heel, you are pressurizing your tiny toes. Followed by pain in your feet and ankles that bear the brunt of any impact.

To prevent this, you should go for running shoes, that is low on the heels. You can even wear a walking shoe similar to that of a tennis shoe. By doing this, you are allowing the whole pressure from the whole body to spread equally around your ankles and feet. Feet problems like swelling of the ankles or feet post-workout can be prevented.

  1. Knee Pains To Be Prevented With Better Exercises

You might walk several times throughout the day. But do you use your hip muscles as many times as you use your knees? And then you go for weight training, which includes exercises like kickboxing or lifting heavy weights. What is the result? You injure your knee. Not wearing proper shoes also injure the knees.

Before starting your weight training, you should warm-up by doing lunges. Lunges could be done both forwards and backwards and from side to side. This way, your hips, knees, and feet are stabilizing and strengthening your knee altogether.

  1. Shoo Away Lower Back Pain By Stretching

Your sit or stand and walk throughout the day. But your back gets affected easily. Even if you sit for a few hours straight, your back is going to be knocked out. And then you have your gym session in a few hours. In your gym class, you do an over-the-head lift. This exercise straightens and arches up right from down with that weight. This leads to your back’s nervous breakdown. Whether it gets sore or not, it could lead to a permanent injury.

Throughout the day, you get time to take a break from work. Use that break to stretch and strengthen your back from all the hunching your do at your workplace. You can do straight armed wall squats for a bit of relief. You can also wall-sit for a few minutes. Plus, you are always on your rear when you are at the office, so standing up would actually strengthen up and make the muscles bigger with a bit more of relief-exercising.

  1. Kill The Shoulder Pain By Rotating Them

You end up complaining about your shoulder pain, once your weight training is done by lifting heavy weights. Your arms might also pain due to the arm-related work that you would have been doing since morning in your office. And when you go to your gym class, your trainer makes you do some chest presses, pushups, and shoulder presses. What is the outcome? It results in excessive pain in your shoulders.

During those exercises, you are rotating your arms internally, and they are getting damaged from within. But you can prevent this by rotating your arms externally. You can row your arms back and forth and from side to side or try some yoga poses to decrease the pain in your shoulders.

  1. Kick The Pain In The Neck By Smart Postures

All the above-mentioned areas – feet, knees, shoulders, and lower back – result in leaving an impact on your neck. Throughout the day, your head is faced down to your digital devices, especially the mobiles. This leads to poor posture. Reaching the gym with the same posture will trouble you while you do any exercise, especially the bench press one.

While doing bench presses, ensure that you have something to support your neck as well as your back. Maintain your posture and avoid raising your neck for each exercise. It might be difficult to hold your neck in one position for a while, but it is safer and better for long-term purposes.

Exercising is great! But exercising with a wrong posture can lead to several more injuries in the long-run. Anyways, there are plenty more bodyweight exercises and injury prevention ways to save you and the pain. Additionally, having a wrong posture while exercising could make your body pain for longer than it is supposed to. Plus, you might end up adding up to your weight in the wrong manner, rather than maintaining your body.


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