6 Key Comprehensive Skills for an All Round Development of Students

The changing dynamics of 21st century with a rapid advancement in technology have put across a pertinent question in front of educators: How should students get an all round development in this constantly changing environment? It has become crucial for educationists to re-evaluate whether the skills they teach truly help their students avail best opportunities to succeed in academics, profession, or more importantly in life.

To quantify the term “all round development” of students, one has to assess the practices that have been incorporated so far. It will then provide a valuable insight regarding mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and societal development. Hence, to succeed in all spheres of life along with coping with the frantic pace of today’s modern lifestyle, students need new skill sets that will stay with them forever.

Here are some of the key skills for an all round development of students:

  1. Influence/Leadership

While leadership skills often come naturally, students still can learn leadership lessons that significantly help them later in their lives. To begin with, you should teach them to set a good example for others. Make them aware of understanding various perspectives of an issue, compare the many opinions at hand, draw upon their personal priorities and base their decisions upon all the data. Tell them how leaders can anticipate future needs even in rapidly changing situations. Finally, teach them how to think strategically.

  1. Creativity

Being an educator, you are naturally entrusted the responsibility to keep alive the spark of creativity in your students because it is a great engine that drive innovation and invention in society. Since we live in a world where increasingly complex problems require creative solutions, which is why creativity allows adapting to constant change rather than following a traditional path. You can encourage your students to think like an artist or an engineer and come up with unique solutions accordingly.

  1. Flexibility and Adaptability

Adaptability and flexibility are highly potent skills in modern day environment. These skills make students able to cope with and adjust to change, to develop and alter skill-sets that will allow them to face challenges now and in the future. In order to encourage adaptability and flexibility in students you need to create change and empower them to “self-regulate” and come up with solutions.

  1. Global and Cultural Awareness

In an increasingly interconnected world, today’s young generation needs to learn about global issues and engage with people from a wide range of different cultures. In a world where multi-culturalism is driving the economy and society, global and cultural awareness is must for students. For that, you should demonstrate to your students that you genuinely care about their cultural, emotional and intellectual needs.

  1. Oral and Written Communication

According to John Bean’s “Engaging Ideas: The Professor’s Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom” – writing and speaking reflects both process and product. It is important for students to understand how to think through a problem methodically and how to express the results of that critical thinking in clear communication. So in order to foster oral and written communication skills in your students, you need to create problem-focused writing and speaking assignments.

  1. Digital Literacy

The one inescapable fact is technology of today and tomorrow is totally driven by technology. So it is pertinent that students should understand and embrace technology and use it to strengthen their literacy and cognitive skills. Digital literacy therefore is of paramount importance in today’s era. It Allows students to create and design their own unique products reflective of their personalities and learning needs/styles. It also provides students with a chance to explore technological mediums, which in future will increase their professional skills.

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Smith Willas
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