7 Yoga Poses To Shrink Your Waist

Lack of exercise and hectic lifestyle filled with busy schedules can contribute to ever-growing amounts of stress in our lives. Because of it, our bodies are increasingly unhealthy and we are suffering from the diseases that are so common for a modern woman and men.

We are living with uncomfortable sensations such as bloating, constipation and weight gain. Here is where yoga can help us in an immeasurable way.

7 Yoga poses for a slimmer waist

Very often when we gain weight, the fat gets unevenly distributed across our body. In those cases, our waistline suffers the most. We are aware what stress does to our bodies, but somehow we choose to ignore it until it is too late and we have obtained a range of serious diseases: diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis or even cancer.

So, when we talk about our waistline, it is more than a vanity we are referring to. And if vanity isn’t enough for you to take important steps, then your health should be.

First you need to educate yourself on every aspect of healthy eating that you can get your hands on, but mainly you should eat fresh food, fresh fruits and vegetables, include lean protein in your diet as well as nuts, seeds, and legumes. And plenty of water, obviously.

Yoga can offer positive change for every aspect of your life; it can help you with your confidence, stress management, body awareness and weight loss.

Recent weight loss news confirms a link between healthy weight loss habits and yoga, especially Vinyasa flow stile-yoga practice. 

  1. Vinyasa yoga or flow yoga is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes, where movement is synchronized to the breath. The poses run together smoothly and they become like a dance, where the breath is an anchor.

  1. Sun salutation sequence is more complex vinyasa. The movement from one pose to another is always in conjecture with either inhale or an exhale. In classessun salutationis often done as a warm up. 

  1. Boat Pose (Naukasana) is one of the most effective poses that tone the muscles of your belly.

  • Lie down with legs stretched out, toes facing the selling and arms on your sides.
  • Inhale deeply. As you exhale lift your body (head, chest, and legs) from the ground.
  • Stretch out your arms so that they form a parallel line with legs. You should form almost a V-position with your body.
  • Breathe normally and hold the position for 30-60 seconds. You will feel your abdominals contracting.
  • Inhale and then exhale deeply, returning to lying position.
  1. Raised foot pose (Uttanpadasana) helps with fat accumulated in the lower abdominal region, around your waist and hips.

  • Lie down on the mat, legs stretched out and heels touching, hands on the sides of your body.
  • Breathe normally and don’t move your hands.
  • Inhale deeply and raise your legs from the floor in 45-degree angle.
  • Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds or 60 if you can.
  • Exhale deeply and raise your legs to a 90-degree angle with the floor. Breathe normally and hold the position up to 60 seconds.
  • Inhaling gradually bring your legs down.
  • Do around 10 repetitions, resting for 15 seconds between them.
  1. Warrior pose is one of the best poses for weight loss. It strengthens and tones the arms, shoulders, legs and abdominals.

  • For this pose, you need to stand straight with your legs apart. Now bring your legs above your head, clasp them together and turn your torso to the right.
  • Your right knee should bend while you stretch your abdominals as much as you can. Hold position up to 30 seconds then to the same to the left.
  1. Warrior pose II is very effective for tummy and thighs. It opens up the hips and works abdominal muscles.

  • Stand with your legs apart from each other and move your right foot to the right side and bend your knee so that your right leg is parallel to the floor.
  • Put your hands up to the sides so they are also parallel to the floor. Count for 30-60 seconds and return to starting position. Repeat the same on the other side.
  1. Locust pose is one of the best poses for weight loss, muscles strengthening and flexibility.

  • Lie face down and while inhaling lift up your legs without bending your knees.
  • Your upper torso and hands should also be lifted, giving your abdominals a considerable stretch.


These yoga poses can help you tone your figure but they can also help you with stress, nervousness and, anxiety. Give yourself few minutes every day because you will do your daily tasks much more effectively.


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