How to Achieve a Happier and Healthier Mind Even In Great Adversity

At some point in time in our lives we have to go through difficult phase, endure pain and face challenges. Some of us possess positive mindset while others often gravitate towards negativity. Some of us tend to learn from upheavals or terrible incidents while the rest perceive them as disturbing turn of events that leave them with more negative feelings. Thus, it can easily be understood that the way we lead our lives depends much on our “state of mind”.

However, the mind doesn’t exist or function in isolation. According to an age old adage, a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. So our perception towards life can be improved by focusing on the need for a perfect harmonious co-ordination between mind and body.

If you are in the midst of adversity that is forcing you towards stress, anxiety, and self-doubt, you need to address your health on many levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Such a holistic approach will transcend your pain arising out of adversity and help you achieve a healthier and happier mind.

Here is how you can do this:

  1. Convince yourself adversity is temporary

The bad patch that you are going through may be coming down heavily on you. The difficulty that you are surrounded with may seem a bit too harsh to you to sustain. But remember, it is not going to last forever; you need to take the challenges head-on. Since every cloud has a silver lining, this adversity might make you a stronger person in the end. Moreover, when you have already made your mind to become happy no matter what, then you also need to trust on your gut-instincts. It is time to go through whatever comes in your way with a stronger will and no one will stop you from coming out with flying colors.

  1. Meditation/mindfulness

Many health experts, fitness gurus and even ancient sages have always laid a special emphasis on the need for meditation and mindfulness. Multiple studies being conducted over a span of few decades in the past have also shown profound impacts of meditation on our mind. It is all the more important to incorporate in this fast paced world, therefore business professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and sportspersons are using mindfulness to achieve higher levels of stability and creativity in their minds. Furthermore, in order to combat negativity in your lives, you need to acknowledge your feelings and thoughts rather than ignoring them. Just make yourself aware as to what kind of emotions triggered negative thoughts.

  1. Eat healthy to remain healthy

We all know a good diet is highly essential for good health, but does it have anything to do with your mind also? Well, it does – if we go by the growing evidence that underpins this. A few think-tanks and health institutes such as Mental Health Foundation (MHF) have also concluded that a good diet is very important for mental health, too. The MHF has further observed that a good diet plays a significant role in the development, management and prevention of several specific conditions, including schizophrenia, depression and even Alzheimer’s. Therefore, with a correct balance of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals along with water, you will definitely be successful in adding to your mental and emotional well-being.

  1. Create a support network

Getting support from your loved ones, especially from friends and family is a huge confidence builder for it takes away a lot your worries. However, you cannot always be lucky to have your near and dear ones around you. So, you can form your own support network as more and more people are getting interconnected with each other in this digital world. Studies have also shown that a supportive social network can greatly reduce isolation and stress. At the same time this support structure boosts mental power through shared learning experiences. Furthermore, simple activities like joining a club and volunteering in community service can broaden your social horizon.

  1. Meet the mind-experts

Meeting with a psychic to seek guidance during times of emotional distress or confusion could have a positive impact on your feelings, perceptions and emotions. People who experience relationship turmoil and want a different viewpoint to understand how to move on, are more likely to get help from psychics. A proper psychic reading network like Psychic Source, for instance, will help you approach a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable psychic reader, who in turn will assist you in gaining a better understanding of how to cope with your difficulties. This Psychic Source Review shows just how much you can benefit from a reliable psychic reading. Open your mind in order to understand what the psychic’s words really mean. The three elements that are generally used by psychic readers in order to help distressed people are: validation, knowledge and clarity.

  1. Take time to enjoy

Positive thinking doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of negative feelings; it also means the state of being happy despite negative thoughts. It only requires you to be conscious of your thoughts. Becoming aware of them helps you change them for better. Doing this makes you always ready to enjoy time even when the going gets tough. Once you adopt this new approach, you come in a better position to improve your state of mind. This is the time when you come out in the open and enjoy your life.

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Smith Willas
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