An Optimistic Dad Is the Need of the Hour

Father with kid walking away

For a significant part in my life so far, I’ve had my fair share of hardships, failures, and struggles. But one thing that I proudly say to everyone is that I never lost sight of hope for the best. For whatever I am today, whatever I have achieved out of my hard work, I always had one simple positive thought process running in my mind – be optimistic.

Believe me, optimism is one attribute that can keep you alive and passionate even if you are walking thirsty, barefoot under a scorching sun in the middle of the Sahara desert, so to speak. Today, when extreme things are happening everywhere around the world, optimists are needed more than ever. From a steep plunge in economy to terrorist incidences in various parts of the world, from dreaded natural calamities to hunger ridden, malnourished communities in Africa and South Asia, mankind is facing a serious crisis. Optimism will therefore serve an eternal hope to get rid of all this menace.

Father with kid walking away

Being a father of two and like any other dad, I have similar aspirations for my kids as well. It is very important for dads like me to lay down a strong foundation of optimism in the lives of our kids. To tell them that optimism is a conviction, resilience, and an asset that makes us poised to achieve any kind of success in the end. I believe it is one of the greatest gifts that I can give to my children.

How should we encourage our kids?

As a parent, it is our duty to instill positive attitude and optimism in our kids from an early age. I researched and gathered some important suggestions from various sources, which I want to share with all of you.

  1. Be A Role Model Of Optimism Yourself

Optimism is contagious. As I have observed it myself, whenever I seek the indulgence of my kids to share some optimistic anecdotes, they respond pretty positively and start showing a behavior of optimistic thinking afterwards. Moreover, what we also can do is to offer positive interpretations of events that are essentially not very pleasant. Even in the adverse times, we should teach them to see the silver lining.

  1. Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

It is time to remind ourselves of an age old cliché: A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Being optimistic has a lot to do with having a healthy mind because it always keeps us positive and goal-oriented. Our health and fitness-driven lifestyle can become a good example for our kids to follow. Staying fit also keeps our fat in check by regular workout, exercise and running. Among many other fat reducing methods, Clenbuterol is a fast fat burning supplement that is available at your disposal to stay healthy, fit and optimistic. Therefore, following a healthy regimen is always an optimism aggravating factor.

  1. Tell Them Failure Means Beginning Of Success

Personally speaking, it took me a great deal of time to interpret failure as an opportunity. Once I learnt this secret, I started perceiving my adversities in more meaningful and constructive way. We have to tell our kids that failure is not the end; it essentially gives us an opportunity to do things differently next time. Failure, in fact, is a great way of learning and self-evaluation, which makes us strong to overcome all the obstacles in life.

  1. Allow Your Kids To Set Their Own Goals

Wherever I went and whoever I talked to, I found a compelling reason to believe that kids do have dreams and goals somewhere in their minds which latently motivate them. It is therefore a good idea to let them set their own goals and work out for themselves how to achieve them. That way it will be beneficial for them on two counts. One, if they easily achieve their goals they will be self-motivated and optimistic to achieve even a tougher target. Secondly, if the goal wasn’t achieved, it will make them even more competent.

  1. Encourage Multiple Explanations Of Events

Children’s curiosity should not be put to rest by eliciting a sweeping explanation of a particular event because in that case they will start attaching a stigma to any unpleasant event with a pessimistic view. If your kids interpret events negatively, don’t contradict them but encourage them to come up with multiple explanations.

Final Thoughts

Optimism is a rare quality that challenges negative notions, stimulates a sense of hope about life and inculcates a passion to succeed in the end. Teaching optimism to our kids will surely help our kids to interpret events positively, which will directly boost their self-esteem. No matter how many mistakes do our kids commit, no matter how many failures do they encounter, optimism will always make them an improved person.

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