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Luxury spas and upscale health clubs are not only offering massage therapy. Nowadays, massage therapy is also available in hospitals, clinics and even businesses in London city. Have you tried massage therapy? If no, then you should try it at least once a week.  Research shows that massage therapy has numerous physical and mental health benefits. There are listed many types of massage therapy such as:

  • Swedish massage Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Thai Massage Therapy
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage

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In this article learn about possible physical and mental health benefits of back massage London therapy that you can get during a back massage therapy session.

Everyone bears back pain at some points. Research shows that when people finding for information on massage therapy, they mostly search for “ back massage therapy” after that they search for knees, hands, shoulders, necks and any other part of the body.

The back part of the human body has so many hard-working muscles and they experience pain and strain throughout your life. The national institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke study showed that the second and most common neurological ailment in the US is back pain. Furthermore, the American Chiropractic Association estimates that 8/10 people are faced back pain at some point.


Back massage therapy help to improve the muscle spasms, this serious problem can occur when your thoracic joints lose mobility, therefore back massage improves the functionality of joints. Furthermore, it also improves the flexibility of sacroiliac joint, provides significant relief of incidental or chronic pain and releasing the tension in the back tissues. But for better results, you need to find the professional therapist who has experienced in back massage in London.

It reduces anxiety and depression

If you get back massage treatment at least once a week, it can improve the production level of hormones within your body. The therapists use different massage techniques for release hormones in the body and you feel better. This massage treatment also helps to reduce lower back pain which can reduce depression and anxiety.

Better sleep

Research shows that 9 hours sleep are required for mental and physical health to optimum daily life performance. Therefore, back massage therapy can relax and calm tense muscles that really cause sleep disturbance. Furthermore, therapists use different massage techniques during back massage treatment for relaxation of your tight tissues and improve the functionality of your backbone muscles. If you feel pain in the lower, middle, and upper back part of the body, then back massage can works as a medicine to improve the flexibility of your back body muscles, tissues, and joints.

It improves the blood circulation of the body

Back massage treatment helps to balance blood circulation in the body and nutrients the major part of the body. This the massage therapy is very effective for pregnant women. Professional therapists use different massage techniques to promote health between baby and mother during pregnancy. There are few benefits for pregnant women such as:

  • It can help to prevent swelling of the joints and common fluid buildup
  • Back massage can also help to relieve anxiety and reduce symptoms of depression that can occur during baby delivery.
  • Back therapy can prevent muscle aches and pains in joints

This type message also very helpful for childbirth, women may feel less pain during baby delivery that can make delivery easier. While another plus point of back massage is that it will reduce the time of hospital stay after baby delivery.

It improves posture and structure of health

According to the recent study, people gradually perform long sitting work due to the office environment and work communication all over the world. As a result, the risks of muscles and tissues injuries are increased muscles. While the risk can be overcome if you use back massage at least once a week. And it can improve the support system of the backbone and your overall structural health.

Balance London

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