How to Balance Work and Life While Traveling with Kids

As a writer dad, are you finding it difficult to manage your work while traveling with your kids?

Most of the time, writing and travelling become necessary and inevitable as you need to do your bit of research and carry out surveys. You have to meet many people from different walks of life, only making your own life much easier. Moreover, today traveling is a byproduct of growing MNC culture and a connected globalized world. It has become a commonplace phenomenon and as a parent, you need to equally focus on your family as well. It’s probably one of the most challenging tasks to balance work and life while travelling with kids.

According to an article published in Harvard Business Review in 2014: “Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life”, many business leaders in the world want to focus on their work and life by focusing on time management. They consider that in order to relocate internationally and domestically, their family and kids play a huge part.

The Pew Research Center – a Washington D.C. based think tank – also highlighted dads’ predicament. Its report showed that half of the working dads are going through a difficult phase of balancing their family and work.

Therefore, you have to make sure that your kids get your love and attention as much as possible and you somehow have to be more flexible with your work schedules. It may have been your dream job to fly from one place to another; from one country to another; visiting different people and cultures. But why should your kids pay the price for that?

That said, even if you are going through such guilt in your mind as to how you should get your act together and reinvent your life in a more meaningful way, the following few tips are for you:

  1. Outsource your work

Remember nothing is more fulfilling than watching your kids grow, learn and succeed. Some parents work so obsessively throughout that they realize very late their kids have grown. So, don’t let this happen to you. If you have more workload or you often have to burn like a midnight’s lamp then outsource your work. There are so many businesses and experts out there who are ready to take up jobs from people. Thus, being a writer that you are, hiring a freelancer writer will be very helpful for you to manage your writing task better. At the same time, you can devote quality time to your kids.

  1. Keep your promises

It is quite understandable that sometimes you have to attend business meetings that overrun the stated schedule. As a result you can’t make it to be with your kids as you promised. Children are very sensitive in remembering the promises made by dads. Therefore, you need to keep your promises whenever you make them. You need to at least use technology to stay connected with your family and kids when you are not physically present there.

  1. Make it a point to have fun together regularly

You need to explicitly show how important your kids are for you. The idea of having fun with kids can include many things: take them to amusement parks; take them to animation movie theaters; take the whole family out to dinner or take your time to have a long fun drive with your kids.

  1. Just make sure that you are doing best for your kids

Balancing your work and life is not a goal that you eventually achieve someday; it is a constant process that you need to perform positively. So, whatever you do take the happiness of your children into consideration. For a healthy relationship, just ensure that your kids should not be at the receiving end. Whatever you do, do it best for your kids.

Always try to boost your child confidence, whenever you get a minute to spend with your kids. The fact is you are not going to have your kids around forever, so cherish each and every moment with your kids. Travelling frequently for work and taking care of your kids is very important for you. Therefore, it is about time you have done a balancing act between your work and life for your children’s happiness.


Chris Myrss
Chris Myers is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. Chris Myers has a BA in English & Journalism and wide-ranging background in digital media.