Blogging Not So Successful? Here are Some of the Mistakes You May be Making

Have you recently started blogging but you are not making any money yet? Well, it could be because of mistakes you may be making. With the right approach and blogging tools, you should be able to find a suitable niche and start making money. If alcoholic checked into Florida drug rehab, the general assumption would be recovery, unless the patient is making some mistakes.

Stiff Writing

You need to realize that writing a blog is not the same as writing a term paper. If you want to have your readers fascinated, you have to make sure your writing is effortless to read. Otherwise, they won’t want to read through the entire post.

The solution is to write as you talk, be more conversational in your writing. The idea of being a better blogger is making your audience feel that they are doing business with a real person and not a robot. So you need to loosen up your writing. 

Thinking of Ideas in a Vacuum

Ideas come to you at the most indiscriminate times. You could be on the run, in the shower, on the phone with your friend and an idea just pops. Random ideas, however, are not the best option. Just because you have a good idea in general, that doesn’t mean it the best for your industry.

For you to blog better, you need to make sure that all your posts serve more significant goals for your website. The ideas should help grow your site, and so they should address specific concerns and questions your audience has. 

Assuming that People Care About You as a Writer

New bloggers tend to think that their readers are interested in their interests and stories. However, that’s not the case. Most people are not interested in you or your experiences especially if you are new. People want to know what you can teach them.

The best thing to do is infuse your personality into your writing style instead of talking about yourself. This will make your audience more comfortable with you. Look for ways you can relate to your audience on a topic you are writing about. Make your tone approachable, personal, and engaging, just like you would if it was a face-to-face conversation.

Broad Topics

The mistake bloggers make, especially new ones are venturing into big topics. Topics like ‘How to make money online’ and ‘Best business practices’ are far too broad. These topics have so many nuances and details that can prove difficult to answer.

If you want to blog better, you need to get the long-term and short-term advantages of blogging. To do this, you need to create specific working titles. A working title acts as an angle to keep you on the right writing track. 

Failing To Use Data as Evidence

If you want to be more compelling, then you need rooted research and data to back up your claims. You just can’t convince a reader to join your community; you need to convince them to take the right action. Fluffy arguments to not catch people’s attention, data-driven content does.

Therefore, you need to use research and data to back up any claims you make in your articles. Establish proof, offer arguments, and then end with a takeaway for your readers. Use the data in the posts to introduce the primary evidence and show it’s relevant to your audience.

Trying to Make Every Post Perfect

You need to understand that your post will never be perfect if you want to learn how to blog. There is always something you will be required to add to make the post better. It could be abetter phrasing, more images, wittier jokes, etc.

You need to stop obsessing and just ship the post. While you don’t want to publish a post with grammatical errors and factual inaccuracies, it’s not the end of the universe if you find typos. Chances are, they won’t even affect the leads it brings or the number of views you get. 

Thinking You are Done Once The Writing is Done

The most prominent mistake bloggers make is failing to edit their work. Just because the ideas sounded so fluid in your head doesn’t mean you executed them correctly. Your work will always need editing, in fact, maybe a lot of it.

Even the most experienced writers need to edit their work so always take at least 30 minutes to write your posts and shape them up. Fix the run-on sentences, the typos, and accidental mistakes. To be a better blogger, your story needs to flow as well as it did in your outline.

Plagiarized Content

If you contemplate of getting away with the old copy-and-paste technique, you are on the wrong platform. Readers and editors have an incline to content that has been copied elsewhere. If you copy, your voice sounds off, or you may end up misusing some words. Plagiarized work will get your website penalized by Google which will end your blogging career before it even starts.

Instead of copying other people’s work, learn how to cite them. It’s essential to understand how you can cite content that’s not yours into your blogs. 

Failing to Blog Consistently

If you want to achieve any form of success. Consistency is key. The traffic you attract to your blog is influenced by how often you post. If you ‘re going to gain more subscribers and improve your blogging, you need to blog more often.

Inconsistency tends to confuse your readers. Get a planning strategy and an editorial calendar to help you establish a habit of creating posts ahead of time, scheduling the posts, and publishing consistently. This will set off your blogging career by increasing more traffic and leads for your site.


Learning how to blog and building a successful blog requires so many years of publishing and scribbling. However, you need to scale up your content. Otherwise, if you keep advocating for the same content, you won’t be able to scale.

Always make sure your posts count by making them readable, relatable, and accessible on every level. Throw in some fun stuff to spice things up. Throw together an infographic or shareable graphics and see where it will pop up. Improving your blogging and becoming a better blogger is highly dependent on how much you try and never give up.

I am a blogger and have 10 years’ experience in marketing and my core focus is to build my authority as a blogger and I am doing this by writing actionable, useful and engaging contents.