How to Create an Unforgettable Wedding Experience

When planning a wedding a lot of things need to be taken care of. To celebrate the love between you and your better half, and make the most important day of your life, unforgettable, even for your guests, “exploit” these elements to create the memory of a lifetime:

  1. Invitations– It is the first peek into your wedding day arrangement, and as they say, first impression is the last impression, make your first impression stand out! Send a hint of your wedding theme through the stationary and trigger excitement in your guests. A subtle guess and leaving the rest to imagination is the best technique.

When you decide the guest list, you desire to invite all the people you have ever known in your lifetime, but sooner or later you realize that it is not possible. Choose the right people to call on your special day. Ask questions like:

  • Are they family?
  • Are they friends?
  • Do you talk with them regularly?
  • Do they know your partner’s name?
  • Can you imagine your wedding without them?

Favorable answers to such questions effectively narrows down your list to a suitable number.

  1. Venue– It is one of the most tiring activities involved in planning a wedding. Take your time and do not settle for an “okay” venue. Venue is decided after deciding a theme for the wedding. Describe your theme using noun and adjectives like:
  • Natural beauty.
  • Rustic elegance.
  • Vintage grandeur.

Come up with ideas based on the adjectives. Some most common theme choice with venues:

  • Country
  • Retro
  • Indian/oriental

Find the venue that fits best for your theme and also accommodate your guests without any effort

  1. Decoration of venue– This needs to be PERFECT! Even if you had to settle for an average wedding venue, the decorations can literally turn things over and create an unparalleled spectacle. Right from the walls of the venue to stunning chair backs, don’t leave any stone unturned to decorate your wedding in your style.

Some handy tips:

  • Spend lavishly on lighting: Lighting plays a big role in any kind of event, specially the one where photographs are an unalienable element. Use interesting ways to light up a venue.
  • Cloudy fog: Your wedding venue can do with a heavenly touch of low lying fog. It doesn’t cost much but creates an unparalleled angelic atmosphere.
  • Enticing Décor: decorate your tables and furniture in a not-so-common fashion. Drape the ceilings, hang flowers, use table lamps, colored glassware and photo backdrops.
  • Pleasant floral: Use natural flowers as much as possible. From your bouquet to décor, splurging a little to make a statement goes a long way in leaving a mark.
  1. Wedding dress and entering Aisle– It is the most exciting part of a wedding planning. Just imagine when the announcements will be made, and you’ll walk on the aisle, all eyes will be on you, some teary eyes and some admiring with grace. Both you and your partner’s dress need to spark the aisle and burn the room with absoluteness. Make an impact by trying alternative ways to walk down the aisle like:
  • Having a ceremony circle
  • Mingle in the crowd and reach the altar
  • Make your guests enter the ceremony space after you
  1. Entertainment and fillers– Give your guests a valid reason to remember your wedding to a blast. Hire a professional wedding entertainer who knows how to gauge crowd’s response and keep them wanting for more. Add fillers between the ceremony and reception to keep your guests from getting bored. Use simple games to engage your visitors. Alternatively provide a mini reception to feed away their boredom. Keep playing soothing numbers to entertain the crowd. Chill-out genre is highly recommended to fill in the time between wedding and reception.
  1. Hire a master Officiant: While you can hire anyone to read out your marriage vows, like a religious leader, a close friend or your father, but he must understand the bond that you two share. On top of that your officiant must be articulate, outgoing and entertaining to capture the attention of your guests and convey the message of love with finesse.
  1. Experiment with seating arrangement: While a well planned seating arrangement is an important part of any wedding, choosing a novel plan will make your wedding unforgettable. Create simple yet interesting placement and inform the guests about their place using a softboard.
  1. An open and awesome bar: An open bar is highly appreciated, and it “motivates” them to get on the dance floor and have a blast. Offer signature drinks and tailored menu. Hire a professional bartender who can make special cocktails with finery.
  1. Delicious menu and desserts: A vibrant menu and a master caterer is an unquestionable requirement for your wedding reception. Your guests are likely to remember what they ate- especially if it is particularly delicious! Your menu must boast of multitudes of conventional food options consistent with your wedding theme. Additionally provide a limited number of optional choices to cater to different guests. If your wedding starts early in the day and ends at night, make sure you provide ample food during the whole affair. Ensuring your guests never go hungry is often overlooked and is a bummer for a good experience.

It gives a nice touch to offer options other than just the conventional dessert (cake). There is a huge variety of sweet dishes you can add to your dessert menu to make your wedding an unforgettable one. Try Indian sweets.

  1. Wedding photography– Make sure your wedding party doesn’t fade away with the tide of time by hiring a state of the art photographer. Pictures create a lasting memory for the couple and guests alike. There would be nothing worse than looking back at your album and be disappointed by the quality, you get to do this only once, make sure it’s perfect!

As an additional tip to create long lasting impression on your friends, move to a smaller venue and throw an after party. The option of extended celebration after 10 P.M can significantly raise the bar for other weddings to come!


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