Dietitian Approved Tips To Start Your Weight Loss Journey!

Pump it up! Keep that fat burning

Keep that body moving and don’t lose the pace…

Summer is here so welcome it with your beach body! You don’t have much time to lose weight. It’s time to fulfill your weight-loss goal.

Oh please! We didn’t ask you to make your way towards those fad diets. Those fad diets do no good to you other than making you feel miserable when you gain those extra pounds once you stop following it.

No matter how much you deny but you stop following the fad diets after a couple of days because those diets no longer serve you. Another drawback of those diets is that you lose water weight and the weight scale ditches you by showing that you have lost pounds.

What did you say? Haven’t you tried a fad diet ever? Perfect! We won’t ever ask you to try that as well. Fad diets always make you gain more pounds rather than helping you in losing it.

Just for you, we consulted the famous nutritionists and compiled the tips which are approved by them. Are you ready for a beach body? Want to feel a new you this summer? Wait for no further and read our perfect tips.

  1. Eat beautiful food

Don’t laugh; it’s not some grammatical error, we intentionally mentioned to eat beautiful food. Little you have noticed, we all eat with the eyes. Anything that is not pleasing to our eyes doesn’t please our taste buds.

If you noticed when you were a kid and your mum used to make vegetables, ah! It was one whale of a task for you to eat them. But, when the time changed and your mum started changing the serving method, you ate those sandwiches with all of your heart.

So, what was the main reason?

Actually, those vegetables didn’t appeal you at first because of the presentation, but when your mum changed the method and started serving vegetables in the form of a tasty sandwich, you ate all of it without making any face.

Now, you have to apply the same thing here. Rather than stuffing bowl with vegetables, make a proper plate, cut those vegetables in different styles. Make sure that you pick lots of vegetables of different colors.

  1. Skipping meals is not the option

You are not some invention of artificial intelligence, you are a human being and your body needs food. Don’t expect your body to function properly unless you give it the needed nutrients and minerals.

Are you aware of the fact that when you skip meals, you start losing the minerals and you get magnesium deficient? Due to the magnesium deficiency, you feel dizzy; your bones get weak, you get mood swings and the depression rules your body.

Not an intelligent thing to stress your cells. Your cells can’t bear that much stress level. Right weight loss is what you need. Don’t think that by skipping meals you will lose weight. This way you won’t lose fat, but you will lose the water weight.

Learn the difference between quick weight loss and right weight loss. When you lose weight in the right way, the results won’t show up real quick. On the contrary when you go towards the quick weight loss, results will show up quick but won’t be everlasting.

Think on a broader scale and go towards the sustainability. Right weight loss will help you in retaining the same weight for years. You won’t face the problem of gaining weight right after stuffing your mouth with junkies.

  1. Grocery list

Make it a habit to do the grocery every week. Follow a different diet pattern every week. Shop for all the needed veggies, sauces, meat and herbs. Usually when you don’t do the grocery what happens is that you look for a substitute for that meal, you open the fridge and eat something that first comes across to your eyes.

It is better to stock your fridge with veggies and fruits so that you don’t regret when you open the fridge and eat something unhealthy.

Stocking your fridge with fruits and vegetables will save you from eating the unhealthy items because when you will open that fridge to fulfill the craving, all you will be eating fruits & veggies.

  1. Seasonal vegetables & fruits

It is highly unhealthy to opt for vegetables and fruits that are out of season. Who doesn’t know about GMO’s? We all do. It is better to avoid fruits and vegetables that are not of the season because maybe they are genetically modified.

Another thing is that people opt for canned food which is so bad for their health. Processed food contains a lot of preservatives and emulsifiers which are so bad for a human body. It’s a big “No” to consume processed food.

Always opt for seasonal vegetables & fruits which are easily available in the market. Don’t let processed veggies & fruits ruin your immune system. Remember that your cells are not powerful enough to save you from the toxic substance that enters into your body because of the processed food items.

  1. Keep healthy snacks on your shelf

You can’t stop your snacking habit either we are asking you to stop it. We are just requesting to remove those unhealthy snacks with the healthy ones. Keep a bowl of healthy snacks on your shelf. Put some oat crackers, oatmeal cookies, pop-corns into it and satisfy your cravings.

Let us tell you one thing upfront! There is always a healthy option available. Even if you crave for chocolates, who said that you couldn’t have it during dieting? You can have chocolates; it is just that instead of going for the chocolate which is full of sugar, you can switch to dark chocolates that are rich in cocoa.

  1. Check your weight every week

When you start changing your eating patterns, you don’t get to see a significant change in the first week. This thing may make you feel agitated because of the numbers not going down, but please don’t take it to your heart. Gradually, the numbers will go down.

From the second week, you will start seeing the changes in your life. Again we are saying, please don’t get obsessed with the weight scale. Checking your weight everyday will do no good to you.

When you feel like checking weight, make sure that you check it in the morning. If you make a mistake of checking your weight in the evening, you will feel miserable.

Many times you lose fat and the weight scale starts depressing you by showing that you have gained weight. In such a case, don’t worry at all. Remember that muscles take less space but weigh more than the fat. So when you start getting muscles, the weight scale frighten you by showing that you have gained so many pounds.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Your body needs water so consume a lot of water. To keep that energy level high you have to drink plenty of water. Moreover, it is beneficial if you drink water before your meals. You will be more satisfied when you drink water and you won’t eat a lot.

Bottom line

We hope that you find the tips quite helpful. Maintain your focus on the healthy options you have. Don’t utilize your energy on thinking about what you can’t eat, focus on what you can eat.

Avoid high-calorie food, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and celebrate the tiny victories when you see the numbers going down on the weight scale.

Hi, I am Victoria Ashley. A professional writer always sharing the health and fitness tips through her write-ups. She is associated with an advocare blog named Elite Nutrition as a content analyst!