Most Effective Fitness Regimen in Your Quest to Lose Weight

Let’s face it, every time you embark on a journey of shedding those extra pounds, you either gain it all back or quit the program in the middle. You then realize losing weight and maintaining it is not a walk in the park. Even health experts are well aware of the fact that weight loss is lot more than simply trying to eat fewer calories. According to a recent report by Weight Loss and Weight Management Market, the global weight loss industry is expected to reach $206 billion in 2019, which means people are spending tons of money and yet a significant population is still overweight.

The question that emerges is this: Why is it so difficult to lose weight when there are so many techniques, medicines, and exercises available to us? Well, there are so many complex reasons behind it but, for most of us, anything from biology, environment, lifestyle and/or our emotions makes weight loss a fierce battle against nature as well as nurture. Carrying too much weight makes you a ticking bomb that puts you at risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and even cancer.

This brings us to another important question: What can you do to make weight loss easier? To begin with, biological, environmental, and psychological factors are very necessary to overcome and a fitness regime based on this premise should be created and followed.

Here are some important steps to help you achieve weight loss:

  1. Set Up a Rigorous Training System

A well planned, effective, and rigorous training mechanism needs to be introduced first. The next thing you have to do is be consistent enough to stick to this plan. If you are going through dieting alone, you will most likely hit a plateau at some time. There is no need to spend hours in the gym; a reasonable workout schedule will do the trick. It’s not about killing yourself with a heavy dose of workouts; find a routine you like to keep you motivated for the long term.

  1. Incorporate a Medical Weight Loss Program

Medical weight loss refers to a program based on medical scientific evidence that targets the root causes of obesity or being overweight. Trained doctors or medical practitioners provide the treatment and necessary to help to achieve weight loss which can be maintained for life. It basically uses your metabolism and body composition as true indicators of weight loss progress.

  1. Eat Healthy To Stay Fit

For a fast and easy weight loss, it is important to pay attention to what you eat and make healthy choices. A well planned diet-structure may eventually end, but healthy eating never stops. A protein-rich and low-carb diet is very effective in boosting your metabolism. Losing pounds doesn’t mean that you deprive yourself, it is choosing the right foods that satisfy hunger without gaining unwanted calories. The aim should be to gain more muscle mass because in that case your metabolism more effectively burns calories. There is a long list of foods that will help you in your fitness regime: oats, avocados, fish, eggs, blueberries, broccoli, almonds, green tea, low-fat milk, and dark chocolates.

  1. Revisit Your Lifestyle

A healthy weight loss regime demands a certain change in how you live. This is not to suggest that you should change everything overnight. It is about being open to new ways of doing things. The first thing you need to focus on is your daily routine. Getting up early, exercising, and working out on a day to day basis bring changes in your life. Secondly, the way you spend your time is crucial. When working hours are finished, we all are tempted to sit with friends and eat junk food or simply lie on the couch, watch television, or do nothing at all. All these things will sabotage your efforts to lose weight.

  1. Drink Lots Of Water

Many studies have suggested that drinking huge amounts of water helps in reducing weight. It helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body by flushing out toxins from your bloodstream, and also acts as an appetite suppressant when taken before meals. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day in order to speed up weight loss.


Losing weight is certainly not an easy thing to achieve, but its success depends on the type of regime that one routinely follows. While following a personalized fitness plan, you need to be realistic and optimistic at the same time. More importantly, when you start focusing on just a couple of little changes at a time, you begin to inculcate healthy habits that last for a lifetime.


Chris Myrss
Chris Myers is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. Chris Myers has a BA in English & Journalism and wide-ranging background in digital media.