How Do You Keep Your Cool As A Parent?

Are you a parent? If yes, how do you maintain your “Oh, I am cool with that” version without being a bad parent? Amid your stress laden work life, where there are countless sources of stress, how do you make sure you don’t behave roughly with your child?

It is your responsibility to raise your kid as a happy, responsible, supportive, strong and productive member of the society. For this, you need to figure not to be a bad parent.

There are four major styles of parenting as classified in the lessons of psychology. These are: Authoritative, Neglectful, Permissive, and Authoritarian. Which category do you belong?

However, there is no sure fire way of parenting that works well for just any kid out there. The Internet is packed with good parenting tips. Sometimes those tricks work. Sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t, stress of its kind – especially when your kid’s behavior is unacceptable – takes over your mind. That’s when most parents start losing their cool.

I will be offering a few cool-to-follow suggestions that will help you keep your cool without getting harsh with your child(ren).

Understand He or She is Just a Kid.

Before we dig further, here’s the most important thing that you have to remember all the time till your son or daughter attains adulthood is that, he or she is just a kid. If Dennis wouldn’t be a Menace, who else would?

Remember your childhood days? Weren’t you naughtier than your kids are today? Never set an example of being a strict or physically violent parent. It may spoil their entire life.

Violence of any kind influences your kid’s future, says Child Welfare Information Gateway. Say no to violence against kids or anyone in the family. Not even on pets.

Set Boundaries

Openly tell your kid what to do and what not do. Keep it straightforward, calm and friendly. Never tell a lie when defining a boundary for your tot. However, you can tell your toddler the down sides of crossing that boundary while kidding around. Don’t create stories that confuse his or her mind.

Explaining the limits of things around will enable your kid to manage their confusions and understand the world in a correct and safe manner.

Don’t Block Things

Barring your kid from doing something is like chopping off his/her hunger to learn the world. Every kid comes in the world to grow up and become a well-learned and -experienced member of the society.

There is no denying that learning is a never-ending process. But, if you would clip your tot’s learning wings in the kidhood, it might affect his learning ability for the rest of his life.

Your focus should rather be on helping your kid in learning what he or she is trying to do. For example, tell your daughter how to dress up or your son how to clear plates off the dining table.

Rather, Make Your Peanut Learn

Learning as I mentioned above is an always-running process. There is no end to it. The best you can do to be a good parent is to help your kiddy develop a habit of learning, specifically learning by self.

You can get your child some educational books; there is no better gift for kids than books. Encourage your growing son or daughter to ask questions and express his thoughts, likes and dislikes openly in the family.

In addition to these, you can introduce your child with modern era’s technological advancements, like Google. Show them how to find information on Google. There’s a kids-friendly version of YouTube, namely YouTube Kids, that shows some of the best learning materials for kids. You can help your child master these applications.

However, allowing your kiddo to use Google and YouTube may not be a good idea due to the fact that they are highly addictive apps. So, you will need to set a limit – time and duration – for using these applications.

Encourage Learning outside the Smart Gadget

Parents mostly are busy at work. When they are home, then also they are busy peeping into their phone counting their Twitter followers or Facebooking, and Snapchatting.

Kids, too, kind of like these gadgets very much. They see cartoons and movies, and play games on their phone and their parents’ phone.

It is very important for parents to spend time with kids in an age of smartphones. Because you are the best memory your kids will ever have and your kids are the best memory you will have. Spend time with them, create pleasant memories, show and shower your love, and carefully understand your kid’s behavior and inclination towards the modern technology.

And if you cannot control your social media craving, the best thing you can do is make your social media followers see the fun and time you are spending with your kids. But, when you have got a parenting job, then you also need to limit your phone usage.

Play with your kids. If it is not possible for you to play outdoor games, then possibly you can involve your kids in some indoor games and activities.

There must be children in the neighborhood or classmates from the school. Encourage your kid to play with those kids. It will help them build and learn the importance of friendship.

Don’t Make Rules That are Too Harsh.

Your rules and regulations should never be too strict to handle. And breaking those rules should never be a punishment for your kid.

Punishments whether physical or mental can have a permanent effect on your child’s heart and mind. Additionally, do not overload your kid with loads of rules and enforcements. It might confuse them, as well as encourage the habits of breaking rules and lying.

Bottom line

Parenting requires time and patience both. Without giving time to your child you won’t be able to raise a child you have always wanted to. Without patience, it will be difficult for you to keep calm while parenting.

To keep your temperament under control, practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Encourage and involve your kid in this everyday routine. It will be a great way to help your child develop healthy habits. And that way, you become a cool good parent.


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