Teaching with Tech: How Technology Can Improve Your Classroom

Most Teachers know that technology has the ability to help students improve their performance. This is part of the reason why many are in favor of encouraging tech-use in schools, but the only hiccup is that some teachers do not have the necessary knowledge to use some of these tools. The key is to introduce user-friendly technology that would help teachers use educational tools correctly that should ultimately improve students’ performance.

Knowledge in One

An effective tool for teachers that is also easy to use is Pocket. This application allows teachers to save and sort out information that the teacher might have found online. The type of information that can be stored on the application are regular notes, videos, articles, and other content. Having all this information sorted and saved under one location should make them easier to access. It should be noted that the information saved in this app can be accessed on any smart device or on your computer.

Supplemental Teaching

You probably know a lot and are attempting to learn more about the subjects you focus on, which is good, but you do not have to tackle this on your own. The Instructables application allows teachers to share effective projects with each other. The application is user-friendly, making it perfect for teachers, even teachers who are not too tech savvy. The supplemental material will bulk up your curriculum when you feel like you simply do not have enough to make this year as perfect as the rest.

Strong Speaking

Giving students the opportunity to listen to a person with a background that is different from their own can be effective. This is the reason the TED application can be so useful to teachers because the application gives you access to a number of videos from interesting speakers. The app is user-friendly, meaning that most teachers should be able to use it. The videos are meticulously categorized to ensure that teachers can find the subject they are interested in.

Digital Class

There are times when teaching needs to move outside the confines of the walls of a classroom, and technology is doing its part in this area. The Edmodo application provides a user-friendly digital classroom to teachers and students. You are going to be able to provide resources to students that may be helpful for any given assignment. The application also helps students interact with each other and provide support to each other, which should help optimize the learning environment in your class both digitally and physically.

Teacher Team

You know how important it is to make sure that parents are involved in the education of their children, but this is easier said than done. Most teachers do their best to try to get parents to come to parent-teacher conferences and to send home notes with the students, but these tactics do not always work. Technology is making this entire thing a little easier with the Remind application.

You are going to be able to send files, voice clips, images, and even emails to your students’ parents through this one application. The application also helps set up meetings, and it reminds parents of those meetings to ensure attendance.

These are just some of the technological tools that were made to make educator growth a little easier without presenting an overly complicated tool that some teachers are going to have trouble using. Of course, these tools are only meant to help, not solve every single obstacle that a teacher has, but it can make things better. Be sure to discuss these tools with parents, students, and even your fellow teachers who may also want to improve the learning environment in their classrooms using these tools.

Kara Masterson
Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.