Why Israel is a Great Travel Destination for Senior Citizens

When it comes to taking the trip of a lifetime, many people put a trip to Israel at the top of their list. While the Holy Land is special for folks of all ages, it can be truly special for senior citizens. For those whose faith is first and foremost in their lives, walking the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem or being able to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre can be an experience unlike any other. But to enjoy the experience as much as possible, seniors should enlist the services of a travel agency that understands the needs of senior citizens when they travel.                                             

Christian Tours in Israel

Needless to say, a trip to Israel can be a major undertaking for almost anyone, but also a chance to enhance their faith. However, for many senior citizens, it can involve even more planning. Because of this, it’s important to work with a travel agency that can customize a trip based on the physical limitations many seniors deal with on a daily basis. For example, many agencies now incorporate the use of large, luxurious tour buses with air conditioning and restrooms to make the trip as easy and comfortable as possible, while others may use private tour guides and luxury cars to accommodate individuals or small groups. Whatever the preference, most travel agencies will offer customized vacations to suit whatever needs their customers may have on their trip. 

Beautiful Climate

While many countries in the Middle East are known for having extremely hot climates, Israel has a very balanced climate, resembling many areas of the western United States. For those travelers who would like to escape the cold winter months in the U.S., a January trip to the Holy Land can be a wonderful time. In fact, January temperatures in Israel can average as high as 59 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a very pleasant climate for touring the many sites on a person’s itinerary. But for those who want to enjoy warmer weather for their vacation, the summer months from June-September can be hot yet dry. With more than 70 percent of Israel’s rain falling between November and March, the summer months can guarantee plenty of sunshine for those enjoying their senior travel packages from Israel Christian tour companies.

Plenty of History

Along with enjoying the beautiful weather, white sandy beaches, and many shops and restaurants in the various cities, Israel also has plenty of history to offer travelers. For many people, one of the most special places is the Yad Vashem Museum, which details the history of the Holocaust. Offering visitors the chance to examine its vast photo archive, view videos from those who survived the ordeal, review insights and perspectives from historians, and much more, the museum offers a thought-provoking and very emotional day to those who visit. Along with the museum, many other sites provide great historical significance. Some of the most popular sites senior travelers love to visit include the Tower of David, Western Wall, Mount of Olives, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Church of All Nations, and of course Mini Israel. With so much history throughout the land, Israel is indeed a unique place to visit.

Knowledgeable Tour Guides

To ensure seniors make the most of their trip to Israel, many Christian tours in Israel utilize tour guides who are extremely knowledgeable of the nation and its history. In fact, most travel agencies use guides who have decades of experience guiding tours of the Holy Land, with many guides being people who were born and raised in Israel itself. Because of this, they have a knowledge of the area that few others do, enabling them to provide travelers with many little-known facts about certain historical sites as well as other places. Along with this, they have an intimate knowledge of the many shops and restaurants tourists will encounter, enabling them to provide information on where to get the best meals as well as the best bargains. 

Comfort and Accessibility

To make a trip to Israel as fun and interesting as possible, many Israel Christian tour companies go the extra mile to ensure seniors enjoy a trip that is as comfortable and accessible as possible. Whether it’s customizing a trip to make sure a walking tour will not be too strenuous or building in restroom and refreshment breaks from time to time, senior travel packages take the needs of their customers into consideration while planning a trip that will be one to remember.

Offering flexible and easygoing itineraries that fit the pace seniors prefer to take on a vacation, more and more Christian tours in Israel now provide as much customization as possible to keep their customers happy. Whatever you desire on your trip to Israel, most Israel Christian tour companies can make it happen.

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