Keep A Tab on These Warning Signs to Know If Your Mercedes Benz Needs Repairs

There are warning signs which Mercedes Benz owners need to look out for. These signs are a way for your precious car to tell that it needs urgent repairs. From tires, engine to transmission failure there are many things you need to check regularly. In case you rely too heavily on the machine to believe that it won’t break down, here are signs which Mercedes Benz owners need to be way of:

1- Engine

Issues that might crop with Mercedes Engine are seized engine or Overheated engine. There are warning signs which can help you distinguish between the two. Here is how you can detect the same issues at right time.

Seized Engine

You know something is wrong when you hear knocking sound or a tapping noise coming from the engine. It is the most obvious indication of a seized engine and a reminder that you need to visit a mechanic without any delay. The trick to avoid huge expenses related with complete engine replacement is to go for regular servicing of your precious Mercedes Benz.

Overheated Engine

Overheating should be addressed at right time to avoid costly repercussions. While you can deal with the situation with some easy to follow steps, you might have to pay for your callousness with big bucks. The early signs of overheating include:

  • Temperature gauge in “red”.
  • Unpleasant smell of burning oil or metal from the radiator.
  • Abnormal Power and leaks underneath the car.

To resolve overheating issues it is necessary to regularly check for leaky, clogged, collapsed hoses and for a faulty temperature gauge or water pumps.

2- Tires

In case you experience your car’s steering wheel is vibrating it may be due to damage to tires. Tires have to be promptly repaired if the tread deepens below 1/6th of an inch or there are cracks and withered sidewalls. Bulges and blisters on the tires need to be looked for to make changes to the existing set of wheels.

It is necessary that you replace damaged tires at earliest with new Mercedes tires. Damages tires have direct impact on the handling and overall performance of an automobile. To avoid any unfortunate incident make sure you replace the damaged set of wheels without any delay.

3- Transmission failure

While driving if you notice some trouble shifting gear or strange burning smells it is due to transmission issues. Besides the above mentioned warning signs here are the signs that a Mercedes has to look out for to detect transmission failure:

  • Gear slippage.
  • Vehicle jerking in park or neutral.
  • Distorted Engine Light appearance.
  • Transmission fluid leak.

Transmission failure is one of the costliest expenses that a Mercedes owner has to pay for if not resolved at right time. So much so that it not only does result in huge servicing bill but also can pose grave danger to the people while driving. If you notice any of the above mentioned warning signs it is high time to get the issue resolved without any further delay.

4- Faulty Timing Belt

A faulty timing belt damages the other engine components as well which is unwanted. Consult with the reliable mechanics or authorized Mercedes Benz service centers to know the time intervals for change in the timing belt.  There are some telltale warning signs that let a driver know about issue with timing belt. These warning signs include:

  • Vehicle shaking.
  • A disruptive start.
  • More than normal exhaust emission.
  • High pitched noises.
  • An abrupt vehicle shut off while driving.

A qualified mechanic with ample knowledge ensures that there are no cracks, chips or spots on the timing belt and ensure there are no deformities on the teeth of the timing belt.

These were the warning signs which every Mercedes Benz owner should be wary of. Your car gives plenty of signs to let know the owner about issue that need to be taken care. Be it unusual sound or smell everything has a correlation to the overall health of your automobile. Do not ignore these signs and make sure you visit the service centre at earliest to the get the problem sorted once and for all.

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