Kitchen Inspiration Design Trends for 2019

The days have gone when the kitchen was a hidden part of a home. It was usually in the backside of the house. The kitchen was the place where food was cooked, and dirty dishes & plates were washed.

With time, the role of the kitchen in a house changed a lot. In today’s world, it has become the focal point. It is the place which brings every member of a family together for meals. The kitchen is one of the first rooms guests want to have a look; the heart of gatherings during holidays. So, most of you want to keep your kitchen updated and make it look stylish & functional.

Like other parts, technology has entered into the kitchen too. Due to the entrance of technology, the kitchen design trends are dynamic and hence, move fast. For your support, here are some of the kitchen designs that are in trend in 2019:

Dark colors in and white colors out

Even being classic and suitable to any kitchen style, the use of white color for cabinets, walls, and other objects is on the way out. It has started experiencing a decline in its popularity, as most of you are opting for dark colors. Instead of white, people are using different wood stain colors or paint colors for their kitchen this year.

Shades of green and blue are going to be one of the most popular colors. Apart from these shades, other colors that will make their way to your kitchen painting are navy, black, plum, and emerald green. You will be surprised to see the work of dark kitchen cabinets, enhanced space, and luxurious feel. Dark kitchen cabinets draw a deep luxurious atmosphere and elegance. However, you need to be careful and don’t overpower your dining space perpetually dark.

Smart kitchens

The concept of smart kitchens is an advancing design aspect. In the current world, a large number of kitchens are designed and built smart from the ground. For old kitchens, the usages of smart gadgets, sensors, and other devices are making their presence to the convenience of homeowners.

Refrigerators are capable of informing you that your groceries are going to be stale. A coffee maker will prepare coffee for you as you leave your bed. There are gadgets that can monitor your eggs and tell you which egg is going bad.

Personalized storage

In today’s world, you want to find every required thing at once in every part of your life. While cooking meals, you want to get ingredients when you need. You never want to waste your time in finding things in kitchen cabinets. So, personalization of the storage has been a trend for the last few years. In 2019, it is going to be more trendy. For personalized storage, people are labeling their kitchen jars. You can design your kitchen with jar labels. With this, you can effortlessly find what you need while cooking food.     

Streamlined designs

In the current year, homeowners are more streamlined in their alternative, aesthetic, and design materials for their kitchens. You focus more on creating stress-free atmospheres in your kitchens/dining space so that you can feel relaxed while preparing and having your meals.

Uninstalling the upper wall cabinets have become a growing trend, as it makes your kitchen appear larger, bigger, and brighter. With this, you can use the space on the countertop more productively. Most of you can’t reach the upper cabinets. So, removing them has become a trend. You focus on simplicity, which means modern, clean lines.

Streamlined means materials and textures too. Think about rough-cut wood for bringing a natural look in your kitchen if you are planning to open shelving. For flooring, backsplash, or natural stone tiles are great for the focal point.

Use of wood

People like you are looking for ways that can make you close to nature. So, you are using wood in your kitchen. The use of wood in the form of cabinets and flooring creates a calming atmosphere. It is a versatile and timeless material that most of you love. You are focused more on creating airier and lighter space. And wood is the only material to use for attaining it.


Unlike others, kitchen appliances are facing big significant. In the current year, most of you are looking for appliances in a wide variety of finishes and colors. Stainless steel appliances have dominated the world for a more extended period. So, it is not surprising for people coming across appliances with different finishes. You can opt for mismatched appliances to give a unique look to your kitchen.

Multipurpose kitchen islands

In the contemporary world, kitchen islands become the hub and focal point of the kitchen. People like you are opting for single-level kitchen islands due to its larger size and multipurpose usages. A kitchen island is for creating an impact and make a statement through its design. Single level kitchen islands, installed under counters, are the right storage solutions. Besides storage, they are for seating and serving purposes. With this, you do not need to go to your living room for casual dining or drinking.


Without decoration, your kitchen is not trendy. Tiles have a pivotal role in kitchen decoration. Subway tiles are on the way to be out, and backsplashes are making an entrance to kitchens all across the world. People prefer giant slabs of tiles with several patterns or textures to a smaller one. Color choices for backsplash tiles are endless. You can choose the one as per your personal taste. For having a classic look, natural texture with neutral patterns would be another excellent option for you.


Unlike other things, kitchen design trends are dynamic, not static. The designs trending now can disappear after some time. You need to keep a close look on what is going on kitchen designs if you want to have a contemporary and trendy kitchen. Getting in touch with an interior designer would be a great support if you find yourself helpless in this regard.

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