The Latest Cosmetic Trends in Dentistry – Putting a Smile on Every Face

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder anymore. Beauty has a newfound friendship with technology, and can be ‘synthesized’ by doctors, plastic surgeons and dentists. Cosmetic dentistry is a term heard less often as compared to Botox or plastic surgery. Nevertheless, material research and dental research have enabled dentists and dental surgeons to offer wonderful cosmetic dentistry solutions and services.

Teeth Whitening – First impressions last and the first thing people notice about you is your smile. Breakfast spinach and coffee stains are something that should not be a part of your first impression. We need to clean your teeth professionally from time to time to achieve the perfect smile. The most common cosmetic dentistry practice is teeth whitening. This is a must for smokers and coffee drinkers. The continuous intake of caffeine and inhalation of smoke cause stains on teeth. Bleaching your teeth professionally is a great way to keep them sparkling white.

Inlays and Onlays – These are indirect fillings made from porcelain and resin (sometimes gold, for the fanciful few). They are long lasting and provide a natural filling for your cavities. These are a convenient replacement of traditional dental filling procedures. They can effectively treat and stop tooth decay and structural damage. The new technology makes the procedure less time consuming and more aesthetically pleasing. It is possible to match your teeth color with that of the porcelain fillings.

Bonding – This is another simple procedure that can work wonders towards restoring a perfect smile. This is recommended for people who have chipped, cracked and uneven teeth. Usually a bonding resin (nonreactive to saliva and food) is used to fill gaps and cover up cracks on existing teeth to make them appear smooth and glistening. This can also be useful in case of a tooth rotting near the gum and discoloration of the enamel. Thanks to the advent of dental technology, this process is now painless and takes only a couple of minutes for giving you shiny white teeth, forever.

Dental implants – Dental implants are the most common and most sought after procedures that involve the removal of the original tooth root and insertion of an artificial root with a porcelain-resin cap. This has great results including enhancing your smile, correctly aligning your teeth and giving you a more youthful appearance. Although you may need several appointments with your dentist (that’s because the creation of the right size, color and shape of crown takes some time), dental implants can be a permanent solution for deep cavities and broken teeth. 21st century science has made it possible to replace natural enamel with artificial resin polymers that adhere to the new root, giving you a blemish-free smile forever.

Smile makeovers – If you frequently shy away from saying “cheese” in group photos, it is time for you to get your smile assessed. This is a comprehensive procedure that involves the thorough assessment of your teeth layout, teeth color, and gingival structure. After the assessment is complete you will undergo a collective procedure that will perfect your smile. This will include simple yet significant procedures like gingival sculpting, teeth whitening and dental veneers.

Full mouth reconstruction – This is a much tougher and a wholesome procedure required in case someone suffers from multiple mouth and gum ailments. The most common situations that call for a full mouth construction are excessive tooth decay or trauma, multiple broken or injured teeth and requirement of jaw realignment (occlusion). The procedure begins with the assessment of the condition of your teeth. Since this is a costlier and more time consuming process, the assessment is quite exhaustive. The examination includes testing the integrity of the periodontal (gum) tissues, jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints and occlusion. Examination procedures require X-rays, impressions of upper and lower teeth and photographs. You may ever be referred to an orthodontist or an oral surgeon is the examination process is deemed too complicated by your dentist.

Quite a few processes and techniques form a part of the full-mouth reconstruction procedure –

  1. Prophylactic teeth cleaning and care
  2. Orthodontic surgery
  • Re-contouring the gum tissue
  1. Permanent restorations including teeth crowns, veneers, bridges and root canals
  2. Semi-permanent restorations that help you adjust to the new changes inside your mouth
  3. Orthodontics (braces) for bite correction
  • Soft tissue and bone grafting to strengthen teeth integrity
  • Crown lengthening for improving teeth health and structure

3D dentistry – Leaving everything aside, 3D dentistry is possibly the latest, most talked about cosmetic dentistry trend. The name comes from the 360-degree approach adopted by dentists and dental experts for perfecting smiles all over the world.

This is a high-tech procedure that involves a cone beam computed tomography machine or CBCTs that recreates a 3D rendition of a patient’s mouth. Traditional X-rays provide only a 2D image of the mouth, as compared to 3D dentistry that reconstructs the model of a human mouth complete with blood vessels and nerves connecting the gum to the teeth. This is great for the comparison process that helps the dentists judge the functional as well as the aesthetic set up of one’s dentistry.

It has been helping dentists all over the world in accomplishing the following tasks –

  1. Determining the correct position of implants
  2. Direct measurement of the jaw to fix overbites and underbites
  • Important part of the assessment procedure for complete mouth reconstruction and smile makeover surgeries

The new trends in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible for thousands to reclaim a brighter, prettier and perfect smile. Whereas cosmetic dentistry has conventionally been regarded as an expensive option, the situation has changed for the better. Invention of newer machines, techniques and discovery of new polymers has made the procedures more pocket friendly as well.

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