A Man with a Wedding Plan: How to Involve the Groom

When it comes to planning a wedding, most people assume this duty falls on the bride and her friends and family. However, in today’s modern world, many of the best weddings are planned by both the bride and groom. Even though many guys may at first be somewhat reluctant to express interest in helping with the planning of the wedding, those who do get involved often find it to be an enjoyable experience. If you’ve got a guy who you would love to have participate in planning your special day, here are some of the best ways to make your dreams come true.

The Conversation

Because there are various wedding venues and many other cities across the country that offer unlimited possibilities, getting your groom involved can lead to a wedding that’s unlike any other. However, to get to this point, it all starts with a conversation. Many times, the groom may assume his help is not needed or wanted. But by sitting down with him and telling him how much his helping would mean to you, it’s a sure thing he will start coming up with one idea after another.

Don’t Be a Control Freak

While it’s true all brides want their wedding day to be perfect in every way, that doesn’t mean they have to become control freaks in the process. By being willing to give up some levels of control during the planning process, the wedding can turn out to be even better than expected. For example, if the groom is a musician or has an interest in music, be willing to let him have a large role in planning the day’s music. Whether it’s for the ceremony or the reception, having the groom plan the music can lead to unexpected surprises and wonderful memories.

Give Him a Special Project

Since grooms have many hidden talents, assigning them a special project can be a great way to divide up the planning process. For example, if he is involved with interior design or construction, play to his strengths and let him plan the aesthetic touches in the wedding venue. Or if your special guy is more comfortable with pen and paper, let him write his own vows to show just how much he cares for you. Whatever project you choose, chances are the groom will come through and deliver results that are sure to please everyone.

Always Offer Encouragement

Rather than just make a suggestion or two to your groom about  weddings and then not say another word about it, make it a point to ask how things are going and offer encouragement at every turn. After all, if you ask for his help and then start shooting down one idea after another, it’s a good bet he will throw up his hands and leave you to plan all the important details. By letting the groom throw in an idea or two, even if it seems somewhat wacky to you, it can make all the difference and create memories that will keep the two of you laughing well into your golden years.

Do Something Crazy

While it’s true many weddings are very formal events, others choose to have a bit of craziness thrown in to make things interesting and keep the guests on their toes. If there is one sure way to get a groom interested in planning a wedding, it’s telling him he’s in charge of planning something wild and crazy. While the ideas can run the gamut, there have been some ideas that have been simply mind-blowing. For example, one couple who both loved the outdoors had the groom zipline into the ceremony, while another couple chose to get married on the football field of their favorite NFL team. Whatever idea is decided upon, it’s certain the guests will leave the wedding venues and tell everyone they known about the wild and crazy wedding they attended a few days earlier.

Don’t Micromanage

If there is one thing that virtually all grooms hate when planning , it’s having their tasks micromanaged. Therefore, once you give your groom a project to do, give him the freedom to do it without having to worry about you looking over his shoulder at every turn. For example, if he’s in charge of picking the music for the reception, don’t be changing the selections every time he thinks he’s finished. Instead, ask him a question or two along the way to get a good idea of how things are going, then let the musical genius work his magic. By doing so, people will be buzzing about the great songs that were played and the freedom the musical genius had in selecting the perfect songs for the perfect day.


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