Who Said A Do It Yourself Wedding Decor Can’t Leave Your Guests Open-Jawed?

Yes – that’s right. It’s complete nonsense that you can’t have your guests bowled over without hiring an event management company for your wedding decor. You have it in you to do it all yourself. You can be innovative enough with your wedding decor to have your guests saying “wow”.

There’s more than just cost-saving to a do it yourself (DIY) wedding decor. There’s something beautiful in unleashing your creativity for an occasion that marks a new beginning in your life. Rope in a few creative friends, and it can be a fun experience also.

However, it will be hard work as well. Not in terms of physical labor, of course. But it will need you to be disciplined in our approach and focused in your attention to meticulous details.

First Things First

There are a few prerequisites for a do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding. Decide on whether you want to have an indoor or an outdoor wedding. You’ll have to match your decor with that. An outdoor wedding can happen in varied settings: a rustic backdrop, a garden, a beach, and so on.

You can be innovative in your ideas to match the decor with the setting in case of an outdoor wedding. The same is applicable to indoor weddings also. The kind of decor a church hall with its high ceilings and walls of history demands would be different from what matches a banquet hall in a modernized hotel.

So, decide on the wedding venue first and then start planning your decor. The other point to decide on is the theme you want to project in your wedding decor. Would you want to indicate a traditional mindset or a clever and funny one? A lot depends on that.

Wedding Cards, Labels, and More

Strictly speaking, the cards that you send out to invite your guests do not constitute part of the decor. However, you can be ingenious in following the same thematic pattern in everything starting from the cards. The more discerning among your guests would notice that and be suitably impressed.

If you’ve decided to go traditional, design your card that way. If you’d rather be witty and funny, think of the card to match that. You can display your wit in both the design of the card and the way you write the invitation message.

“So and So (names of the bride and the groom) begin their journey together to test each other’s patience on XXX, at XXX.” This has been a popular invitation message with clients who have accessed our wedding consulting services. Those who opted to be clever and funny, of course.

Now, if you’re going in for a DIY wedding, you’ll need an agency to work with you on creating the personalized items you need.

There are creative designers ready to work with clients rather than for them. In our work as wedding consultants, we have found ICustomLabel to be a good company to work with. The designers in the company are good at suggesting ideas but equally open to listening to yours. That readiness to allow a client’s ideas and suggestions is an important factor. Else, you may end up with wedding signs and labels that match the designer’s preference rather than yours.

ICustomLabel delivers personalized labels and signs for all occasions, weddings included. You can use them for all your needs for the DIY wedding. They can deliver everything from invitation cards to customized placemats.

Ensure that you match your wedding welcome sign to the venue of your choice and the mindset you’ve opted for. Using wooden planks go well with a rural setting. A leafy or floral design suits a garden party.

Using shells on the welcome sign or using a letter style that looks sandy would be ideal for a beach wedding. If a church hall is your venue, you could think of using archaic letter styling. For a modern banquet hall, trendy and colorful frames and letters could fit the bill.

Have all your wedding signs in the same style. Signs to direct guests to the wedding venue, the dining area, the bar, the dance floor, and the smoking area are must-haves. You may need more depending on how elaborately you plan your wedding.

The crux of the matter is to ensure that your guests don’t have trouble finding a place. This is even more critical if you’re going for an outdoor wedding. Walk around the venue yourself first to identify nooks and corners that must have the signs for guests not to be lost.

The Decor Secrets You Need to Know

Again, consistency is important. Your decor has to match the setting and the thematic approach you select. Chandeliers or lanterns work great in outdoor settings. If you have decided to go for the grand style, opt for chandeliers. They would also match a church garden.

If your wedding is in the garden of a country house, lanterns will give the venue a quaint look. Keep in mind the season when you plan your wedding decor. For an outdoor winter evening, arranging chairs around bonfires would be a hit.

Hand fans with the menu printed on them is a good idea for an alfresco summer wedding. In a DIY wedding, it’s a good idea to leave the sitting arrangement to guests. You’ll have enough to take care of without spending hours to plan how you should sit your guests at the dining table.


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