How to Set Up an Outdoor Cannabis Garden

Growing cannabis garden is an interesting and rewarding experience, but it can also get challenging as it takes a certain amount of your time and money. If you’ve decided to grow your first cannabis garden, you should decide whether you will grow it outdoor or indoor.

For those who have a limited budget for this project, it’s best to grow their garden outside.

One of your bigger expenses, when growing a cannabis garden, is purchasing LED grow lights. But if you choose to have a small garden outside, you can have plenty of cannabis without a big investment. All you have to do is find a sunny spot on your balcony, terrace, rooftop or yard, and you will soon enjoy the fruits of your labour.


When growing weed outside, you will need to understand the climate of the area you will grow your cannabis. Luckily, this plant is very adaptable to various conditions, but it will probably not survive during the extreme weather. If that happens and you discover you’re not a natural when it comes to gardening, you can always decide to utilize THC oil vape pen.

Temperatures above 30°C will slow or completely stop the growth of your plant while does below 12°C can even cause death. Also, heavy rains and winds are not the best conditions to grow cannabis. The climate that is also not good for your plants is with excessive moisture. Before you start to grow your cannabis garden, check what’s the amount of sunlight your area gets throughout the year.

Choosing a Space

After you’ve decided that you want to grow your first cannabis garden, you will need to choose a space for it. We’ve already mentioned finding the place with a lot of sunlight, but you should also ensure your plants have a constant breeze, high-level privacy and security. Many cannabis growers choose to conceal their gardens from nosy neighbours and thieves.

Think about having a tall fence or large shrubs which will provide you with the protection you need to grow your garden without any trouble. If you’re growing it on your rooftop or balcony, make sure there is enough space for your plants once they grow.

When growing cannabis outside, you will need to acquire some soil. It is made up of three component in different ratios – clay, sand and silt. It’s up to you to choose whether you will plant your cannabis plants directly in the ground or purchase soil to put it in pots.

Soil is essential for cannabis, so if you’re planning to plant it in the ground, make sure you check the soil composition to understand what you’re dealing with. Avoid heavy clay soils as they don’t hold oxygen very well. On the other hand, sandy soil is very easy to work with but it doesn’t hold nutrients well.

The solution for both of these types of soil is to dig holes where you will place your plants and mix compost, worm castings, manure and other decomposed organic matter. However, your best choice will be silty soil as it’s easy to work with, holds moisture and contains a lot of nutrients.


Your cannabis plants will need a lot of nutrients over their entire life cycle, so you will need to get potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. The composition of soil will determine the way you need to feed them to grow successfully.

You will easily find commercial fertilizers for home gardeners in many stores but as a first-time grower, you might want to avoid them. Instead, you should choose organic fertilizer. It takes advantage of microbial life in the soil and minimizes damaging runoff. You will find various natural and organic fertilizers in your garden store such as blood meal, fish meal, bone meal, kelp meal and bat guano.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve decided to grow your first outdoor cannabis garden, make sure you do it right from the start. Not following clear instructions will surely have tremendous consequences for your cannabis plants, from preventing their growth to their death. Take your time and find all the information you need to grow successfully your first garden!

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