How To Take Care Of Your Mercedes Interior And Exterior Parts In 5 Ways

Luxury cars are usually the dream cars of any person. And to take care of this dream car is a great challenge. The secret to keep your car looking fresh, out of the factory and new takes a few great steps of maintenance. This includes the cleaning of your Mercedes wheels and tires, washing of the vehicle, protecting the paint, the interior of the car, etc.

So, here are five ways to maintain and take care of your Mercedes interior and exterior parts.

  1. The Windows And Glasses 

The windows and glasses of the car should be cleaned frequently. Keeping the windows of your car clean can help you avoid the condensation that builds up with time causing your trouble. There are two types of glass cleaners for the windows inside and outside.

The interior glass cleaner contains a specific ingredient that provides an anti-misting effect. A single use of this spray helps you to remove dirt, grease, and nicotine. The exterior glass cleaner helps to remove the road grime, silicones, diesel soot, hot wax, insect and bird droppings as well as preserves the gloss. 

  1. The Leather Seat Care And The Stain Remover 

The leather seats start getting worn out after a number of uses. But the aging of the leather can be protected by using the leather care foam. This foam contains dust-repellents and makes the leather antistatic.

In case, you end up getting stains on the leather seats, then you should use the stain remover for the Mercedes-Benz car that safely removes oil, grease, and wax stains. Stains of chocolate, ballpoint pen ink, shoe polish can also be eliminated with this stain remover. 

  1. Car Shampoos And Insect Removers 

Even though the Mercedes-Benz finishes are highly durable, regular care is necessary to maintain their appearances. For the prevention of fine iron dust on paintwork, chrome, and glass, a car shampoo should be used.

The car shampoo could also help remove the swirl scratches and marks caused due to the automatic car wash brushes that are barely cleaned. Such marks are rather clearly visible on a black car.

You should also make use of insect removers that would help in the fast and gentle removal of insects from glass, paintwork, chrome, and plastic surfaces. Insect residue should be removed by hand using a sponge and the insect remover. 

  1. Wheel Cleaners And Rim Sealers 

The wheels, tires, and rims are the ones that face most of the dust and dirt. To clean the wheels, a wheel cleaner should be used to remove stubborn dirt like brake dust or oil residue. While using the wheel cleaner, remember to put on gloves and remove the heavy grime with a sponge.

All kinds of wheels need a protection of a glass-hard layer of nanoparticles. This can be achieved by using a Nano rim sealer. The Nano rim sealer weakens the adhesive power of the brake dust and makes the wheels easier to clean. 

  1. The Cockpit Care Spray 

The cockpit area is the one with the most important as well as delicate part and is made up of plastic. The plastic components in the cockpit area should be protected and cleaned with a cockpit care spray. The instruments with synthetic glass covers should not get sprayed with this product.

The spray is odorless and is easy to use. It protects and cleans synthetic materials as well as leather. Additionally, the product is antistatic and is dust-repellent. The spray will also help you keep the insects away and is safe to use.

 The Mercedes-Benz car has products specially made for nearly each and every car part, like the replica of the Mercedes wheels and tires. There are a few things to keep in mind other than the above five-pointers. For example, washing the car when it is cool and in shade, cover your luxury car with a vehicle cover or keep it in the garage when it is not in use, frequently vacuum the seats of your car, etc. All-in-all the cleaning key points and care points will help your luxurious Mercedes-Benz car look new and well-maintained.

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