Three Brand New Theme Parks and Attractions

Theme Parks

Adrenaline pumping, thrill inducing and sometimes absolutely petrifying, theme parks draw people from across the globe who are looking for an adventure that will get their heart thumping in their chest and have them screaming for more.

There are new and exciting theme parks that have opened, each with more adrenaline pumping rides, fast and furious action, and adventure that is suitable for the entire family – meaning there are rides for the smaller members of your brood, too.

If you are looking for the ideal theme park where you can spend your vacation with your family or friends, here are three theme parks that have only recently opened their gates to the public!

Dubai Parks and Resorts – Dubai

Dubai Parks and Resorts

The newest addition to Dubai’s ever-expanding entertainment selection, Dubai Parks and Resorts is a theme park in Dubai that includes two theme parks and a water park.

Made up of Legoland DUBAI, Legoland Water Park and motiongate DUBAI, there is ample opportunity to let your hair down and have a good time with your friends and family.

Legoland DUBAI and Legoland Water Park are both parks suited to the smaller members of the family, aged between two and twelve years old, and includes rides that the whole family can enjoy together. From the opportunity to build your own water raft with life-sized Lego blocks, to riding a kiddie rollercoaster with your kids for the very first time, making for the perfect family holiday.

If you are going away with your friends, however, motiongate DUBAI might be more up your alley. Aimed more at an adult audience, motiongate DUBAI’s rides are inspired by amazing movies that are much loved and well known, including The Hunger Games, The Green Hornet, Shrek, Step Up and the Smurfs.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey – Universal Studios Hollywood, California

Made up of a mechanical arm that moves a vehicle and including projected media and magical sets that will take riders on an adventure with Harry Potter and his wizard friends.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Riders, known as ‘Muggles’, will queue in Hogwarts Castle, and will have the opportunity to view a number of oil paintings that come to life, an indoor snowstorm that will give them the chills, and an array of other magical moments.

The ride, which is similar to the one in existence at Florida’s Universal Orlando, there is only one difference. That difference is that the projection will be projected in HD 3D, making the overall experience that much better and more memorable.

Located in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter zone, there will be other opportunities to explore Hogsmeade village, watch an array of entertaining shows, shop until you drop and indulge in a number of dining experiences.

Skull Island: Reign of King – Island of Adventure, Orlando

Bringing King Kong to life in the form of a 360- degree, 3D spectacle, King Kong will use his super strength to take down and battle equally as large dinosaurs in this animatronic ride like no other you have witnessed before.

Based in 1930, the prehistoric predators will fight King Kong for dominance and in order to survive, while riders sit back and watch the whole battle unfold in front of their eyes.

These are just three epic rides and theme parks that will have opened in 2016, with so many more that we could have added to this guide. However, these are favourites and should not be missed out on!


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