Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Radishes

The crunchy and tasty radish is a root that originates from the Brassica family which is a family of vegetables common for their disease-fighting qualities. Other types of vegetables from this family are; kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.

Radishes come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. You’re probably familiar with the large, round and golf ball sized red radish with the inner part being white. However, did you know that radishes also come in yellow, white, pink, dark grey, purple, green and even black? Radishes are also called Daikon which is white and long with green leaves at the end. This type of radish is popular among the Asian culture.

This popular vegetable is also extremely good for you. It is abundant in vitamin C as well as other vitamins and important minerals like vitamin A, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, folate, fiber, potassium, copper, and riboflavin.

Back in the early days even dating back to 2,700 B.C, radishes became popular for not only culinary uses but also for medicinal value. The radish was popular in Egypt, Greece, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico and even Britain. The British used radishes for getting rid of kidney stones, ridding the intestines of worms, and clearing up the skin.

There are many health benefits of radishes

  1. Since radishes contain vitamin C, in fact, 25% of your recommended daily value, your body benefits in many ways;
  • Helps repair and reproduce tissues.
  • Protects your body from heart disease.
  • Lowers your risk of bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • Can protect your body from diseases such as heart disease, cancers, and stroke. Studies show that radishes can slow down and stop cancer cell growth due to its powerful antioxidant compound called sulforaphane.
  • Keeps your teeth and bones strong.
  • Aids in the ability for your body to absorb iron.
  1. The fiber in radishes helps your digestive system function regularity. They are also low in digestible carbohydrates and contain a large amount of water in them. This means that radishes are an excellent source to help you lose weight. Radishes are a natural diuretic and an anti-inflammatory food. Not only that, but eating radishes keeps your kidneys and urinary tract system in optimal shape.
  1. Radishes help keep your skin healthy and free from rashes and dryness due them containing vitamin -B complex, zinc and phosphorus which keep your skin looking its best and at a healthy moisture level.

You can also use radishes topically as they can remove sun spots, skin pigmentation, and even freckles. Regular topical use can even lighten your skin due to its slight bleaching effect. Here is a great face mask to try that was found online.

  1. Mix grated radish with fresh organic yogurt. Add a small amount of honey and a few drops of bergamot essential oil. Apply the mixed product to your face and neck and the combination will give your face a beautiful and healthy glow.
  1. Radishes contain properties that make them antifungal, detoxifying and antibacterial. This means that they can help with insect bites like bee stings. The juice of the radish can reduce and soothe swelling and pain to any affected area.

Those are just a few of the many benefits of radishes.  There are more benefits to your body;

  • Did you know that radishes also work hard at providing your blood with fresh oxygen which inhibits damaged red blood cells?
  • Radishes also can prevent jaundice, which is a condition that can be present in newborns. This is because they remove bilirubin from the body, a substance found in your bile which gives skin that yellowish color.

If you suffer from respiratory disorders such as bronchitis and asthma, then you’re in luck. Radishes can decrease the congestion of your respiratory system and due to the high amounts of vitamins contained in radishes and that they are a disinfectant, your respiratory system is well protected.

Radishes can help in reducing high blood pressure due to the potassium that they contain. They do this by relaxing constricted blood vessels which in turn increases blood flow.

Radishes have a low glycemic index which means eating them does not affect your blood sugar levels, so they are an excellent option for people with diabetes.

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