Top 8 HRM and Payroll Software for Your Business

Many people are of the view that the work of an HR specialist is not complex. They just have to find and select personnel the right candidates for companies. If you carefully look at the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals, they have to complete several tasks, such as

  • To draw up a strategic plan for the management of the workforce of the enterprise,
  • Update Job requirement details on different Employment websites and portals,
  • Carefully review the profiles of different job applicants & call the right candidate to face interviews,
  • Lots of documentation,
  • Ensuring the compliance of the company’s rules and regulations,
  • Attendance tracking,
  • Salary, increment, bonus, etc, calculation, etc.

All these tasks become a headache for them when they have to manage a large workforce. Therefore, companies use HRM & payroll software to automate all these activities & increase the overall efficiency of HR professionals. Due to the availability of several options on the market, most people fail to choose a good software for their business. So, we have listed the top 8 HRM and Payroll software for your convenience. Have a look and decide yourself.

  1. PayrollPanda

Don’t get amused by its name. PayrollPanda is an excellent software for HR professionals which comes with numerous features. With its use, you can easily automate almost all your activities related to employee recruitment management & boost your productivity up to a great extent.

The software automatically calculates the salaries and other financial benefits for employees based on entries made on it. It allows HR professionals to generate Monthly Payroll & Payslip in a few clicks.

It supports the transfer of funds from various banks. So, it becomes easier for you to make payments to employees using any bank account. It also helps in leave management, attendance tracking, the evaluation of the performance of employees, etc. It is based on the cloud and can be used 24*7 on personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

         2. Namely

Namely is a real comrade for all HR professionals. It simplifies their life by offering them a platform linked to cloud servers, where data on payroll and bonuses calculation, employee productivity, plans, and reports, etc, are stored easily. This centralized approach facilitates the easy management of all aspects of the HR department.

This software is well-suited for both small firms and large organizations. All registered users on this software receive a certain level of access. So, employees can easily see their details on this software. A mobile version makes it more useful for business organizations. Hours counter, HR-documentation organizational charts, and automatic payroll, etc, are some main features of this software.

        3. Fonbell’s HR Payroll

Fonbell’s HR Payroll software stands out of the crowd when it comes to choosing an ideal payroll software for the company. It offers a convenient set of tools designed to optimize the work of employees in an easy way, track their performance, and compensate them accordingly.

You can use this software on all devices 24*7 and access the important data at any time. It helps HR professionals in managing premium payments and compensation amounts, tracking their activities, stay in touch with them and ensure the full implementation of rules and regulations on the floor.

        4. JustWorks

Justworks is a marvellous & convenient HR-platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. It simplifies the calculation of wages and bonuses, maintenance of official documentation, and human resources management up to a great extent. Because of this easy-to-use and interactive software, the process of hiring new employees for work has become easier and comfortable. It allows you to pick the right candidates easily and keep expanding your business & team size.

       5. Optimum HRIS

The Optimum HRIS software is created to meet the needs of the modern HR department easily and effortlessly. It can be used easily on both Windows computers and IBM production systems. Your data is stored on cloud servers. Its database allows companies to manage all day-to-day tasks of the HR department, calculate payments, track employees, etc, and help business organizations to work smoothly.

        6. Gusto

Gusto software is aimed at creating the most comfortable working conditions for HR professionals. It helps them to set up automatic payroll calculation and make exact payments to employees in accordance with their contribution to the company. With an intuitive interface, you can easily perform different HR assignments after successful registration.

The plus point of this software is that it automatically monitors the internship of all new employees, calculates employee benefits, deducting taxes from them and filling out the relevant documentation. It helps HR professionals and managers to complete different assignments easily and keep the business going on.

        7. APS Payroll

APS Payroll definitely deserves your attention if you are really looking for a centralized core HR system to improve workforce management by leaps and bounds and reduce the compliance issues effectively. This software is ideal for small to medium-sized business organizations.

Based on the cloud, this scalable HR & payroll software allows HR professionals to make accurate salaries of employees, calculate deputations and check errors. You can use this software on mobile devices and keep performing different HR assignments with an increased level of transparency.

         8. Zenefits

It is actually a mobile HRM and Payroll software, which allows HR professionals/managers to update all important personal data using different mobile devices. You can use it for small business organisations and complete all HR tasks easily & effortlessly. Different types of features and functionalities, Automatic payroll, hours counter, etc, make this software more useful for HR professionals.

Final Words

The roles and responsibilities of HR professionals have undergone significant changes over the last decade because of the growing needs of business organisations. As HR department covers almost all strategic aspects of business in companies, HR professionals need to choose a good HRM software to manage a huge amount of data easily, make vital decisions and significantly improve their work efficiency. These are the top 8 HRM and Payroll software available on the market. Have a look at them and choose as you deem suitable for your business needs.

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