Unique Corporate Gifts That Your Employees Will Actually Like

It’s the same dilemma again.

You know you must invest time into planning corporate gifting for your employees, but going for those company-branded pens seems to be the easy way out. Right? Well, apart from the very real risk that your people will dart them back at you, let’s admit that it doesn’t say a lot about the brand.

90% bosses in the US put no effort into buying gifts for their employees. The repercussion, your employees don’t feel appreciated and valued.

C’mon, aren’t you tired of giving the same gifts to your employees every year? We see you nodding.

You have come to the right place, as we discuss a list of gender-neutral corporate gifts that will be treasured and remembered. This is how to show that you’re the boss when it comes to gifting.

For the Foodies

Cocktail-inspired Candy Bento Box

Let them relish the taste of their favorite cocktail in the form of colorful gumdrops, gummy bears, and candies.

Wow Factor: The sophisticated candy set that is filled with amazement in every bite.

Custom 3 Way Boozy Popcorn Gift Set

Shun the butter, caramel, and cheese and give them the taste of the rich world of boozy popcorns.

Wow Factor: The daring and unexpected flavor of bourbon, amaretto, and champagne.

Michelin Star Dining

Wow Factor: Delectable dinner, bonding with associates, philanthropy, and glamour all in one pate.

Wine Tasting with Local Vintners

Wow Factor: Learn the difference between French and Hungarian Oak with this fun experience of wine tasting that has a touch of the expertise of a local vintner.

For the ‘Fun-Loving’

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Custom Logo Macarons

Wow Factor: Opening gorgeous French macarons and finding a personalized design, or message is something that lasts forever.

Personalized Mini Figures

Give them a desk-top mini-figure of themselves and watch them cherish it for a long time.

Wow Factor: A blast of childhood memories, this semi-narcissistic toy figure lets them know that they matter.

Happy Feet Collection

Choose from a variety of fun socks ranging from Boston terriers, pineapples, bananas, to lobsters. Buy from EllaBing.com

Wow Factor: A little tongue-in-cheek humor for the ones who love to have a laugh every now and then. Super comfortable, and pop-colored to perfection.

For the Nomads

Tote Bags

Make their lives a lot more easier, and stylish by gifting them this spacious tote bag.

Wow Factor: Versatility. Efficiency is the name of the game. Serves as a gym bag, briefcase, shoulder tote, and a backpack.

Travel Duffel

Wow factor: Transforms packing from a chore to an effortless experience, this bag defines organization through its appearance.

Custom Wireless Charging Journal

Augmented by this gift, they’ll never have to rummage through satchels to find their pens, notebooks, chargers, and phones.

Wow Factor: A convenient and stylish journal that totes cards, charges, and hold phones.

Hershel Retreat Backpack

Got a traveler who loves nothing more on a weekend but a trek or camping? This backpack would put an end-to-end smile on their face.

Wow factor: Ultra-durable, classy, and comfortable retreat backpack for all uses.

Tumi Travel Kit

Gift them this stylish case for keeping all their toiletries in one place.

Wow factor: Give the gift of functionality, and organization through this high-quality kit.


Give your employees a little taste of your adventurous side.

Wow Factor: Give them a chance to conquer their fears. Adrenaline junkies won’t soon forget this exciting adventure activity.

Intro to Flying Trapeze

Let them perform the gravity-defying pleasure of trapeze when they feel the weight of the world.

Wow Factor: Soar through the air like a circus performer for a lifetime experience.

For the ‘Party Starters’

Himalayan Sea Salt Shoot Glasses Set

Give them an authentic and south-of-the-border experience with this gift.

Wow Factor: A unique collector’s edition shot glasses that you don’t see every day.

Custom Engraved Pilsner Beer Gift Set

What do the employees love during wee-hours, and after work? Mostly relaxing with a mug of beer. This customized gift works like a charm on them!

Wow Factor: Inspired by the Wild West, a whimsical wood case with sliding door.

Crystal Whiskey Decanter

An elegant, tasteful, and chic way to display their liquor and liqueurs with this whiskey decanter.

Wow Factor: A gender-neutral gift that portrays class, and elegance.

For the ‘Gizmo-Freaks’

Wireless Headphone

Wow Factor: Never lets them get wound up in wires when they can play the music and get wound up with work instead.

Everlast Activity Tracker

Make them achieve their fitness goals that they’ve been aiming for quite some time now.

Wow Factor: The brand Everlast. Also, an impactful, and multi-functional band that does it all without a complaint.

Custom Magic Inductive Robot

Customized robot that moves so smooth they’ll feel like it’s magic. A luxury gift for the game-changers.

Wow Factor: Worth every dollar spent. Optical sensors that make this technologically updated robot maneuver around.

Customized Amazon Kindle

So, they love reading? What can be better than an Amazon Kindle that stores heap-loads of books? A customized kindle with personalized design or message, probably!

Wow factor: Handy, everyday use device with a customized message to make them feel special.

For The ‘Complete Man’

The Man Can

Men love grooming too. Don’t believe us? Gift this man-can of manly soap, body mist, shaving gel, hand butter, and rum oil to watch an end to end delightful smile.

Wow Factor: An all-in-one, mesmerizing set for a more presentable and groomed version of them.

Wooden Bow Ties

Hand-made by expert craftsmen for the modern man, this is one to remember for life. Make them stand-out with this piece of art that glues everyone’s eyeballs to their wooden bow tie.

Wow Factor: Unique from the word go. A never-seen-before luxury gift item.

End Note

Now that you’ve got some great gift ideas for employees and clients in your kitty, its time to spend some bucks and make a lasting impression on them. As long as you’re not gifting them just ‘plain-Jane’ cookies, office supplies, or fruit cakes, we tip our hats to you!

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