Vienna Sightseeing Guide – An Amazing Vacation Getaway

I visited Vienna for the first time and it’s been great as I discovered a ton of rich and compelling things around me. I thoroughly enjoyed this sightseeing with my dear ones.  It is simply the best and that too it provided me a long lasting memory which I can share with my relatives and friends. My only resource that helped me in arranging the trip and gathering all the information about Vienna was the Vienna Sightseeing Tours.

Vienna – Artistic and Intellectual Legacy is Seen Everywhere


Wien / Austria – October 10 2014: the statue of Prince Eugene against Neue burg, the new part of the Hofburg palace in historical part of Vienna. Starting off; Originally Vienna is sectioned into 23 districts, shining out from the original first region. From a wide range of tours Vienna has offered me bus tours to nearby cities such like Prague, Salzburg and Budapest.

I started off with a Boat Trip

As soon as I reached there I explored evening drive and boat trip. I even attained discounted family tickets including free WiFi on all buses. With the state -of –the- art buses and comfortable seats I blissfully enjoyed the city in a hassle free manner.

I was mesmerized by the Horse-Drawn Carriage (FLAKER) 

Once, you visit Vienna city you will feel an absolute peace and harmony for sure. In addition the thing that most excite me was the horse-Drawn Carriage (FLAKER). It just took me about approx 25 minutes to visit the entire Josef- Meinrad-Platz place with the family. Initially, this was the first time when I sat in an enormous horse drawn wagon and I can surely say that it was a splendid & a marvelous experience one can encompass.

Tour Guides Are a Must if you are New

If someone finds any kind of difficult in finding places or if you are lost somewhere, you can also take the help of the tour guides. Their cultured, humble and famous guides will showed me the entire city in a most friendly way. Whereas, if you are worried about how will you book the tickets, then you don’t have to worry as they propose tickets online. I got to choose tickets for all lines for instance (RED, GREEN, GREY, BLUE & YELLOW). Like I said, you don’t have to be in queue for it as you can book them online.

Moreover, with the expertise tour guides, my trip was easy and fun as they offered tons of languages such as German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Whereas, I was accessible to City tours & SCHONBRUNN PALACE, VIENNA WOODS, Danube PANORAMA and a HOP ON HOP OFF service with up to 45 stops throughout Vienna. I somebody wants to go alone and explore the place, then you will be also offered a limousine city tour which will make you feel that you are in a dream.

People are calm and Helpful

However, I didn’t get any kind of hassle in terms of management, booking department, hotel assistance, accounts department, customer service center or etc.  I strongly advise you to come and perceive this exclusive place for an elite experience. Yet, people out there are very calm and helpful that I did not even felt that I am in some other country for just a vacation. Whereas, the second attraction, I found there was shopping and food.

You Should Not Miss Tempting Cuisines

One should not miss their cuisines as they presented a wide range of items that I can only find there and nowhere else. The open-air stalls, vendors selling fresh fish and sausage, warm breads, meat, yummy cheeses, fresh squeezed juices, and endless varieties of olives stuffed with garlic or cheese or peppers got my attention.

I strongly recommend you to Visit Vienna Once in Your Lifetime

To finish, as I have a habit of writing diaries, I can surely add a lot of things to it regarding my Vienna trip. Nevertheless, I am hugely thankful as I got free hotel pick and drop facility and experienced and well educated tour guides with all entrances fees included at one time. It is surely not a bad place to be

for too long. I strongly recommend everybody to visit Vienna once in their lifetime to discover some glorifying sight tours. Well, that is my experience while I visited Vienna.

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