Wine Continues To Taste Sweet Across the World

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Not that Wine is drunk the most globally but the love for Wine stays unwavered ever since it was first discovered in Georgia, Iran and Sicily back in 6000 BC.

Let me begin with some interesting facts about Wine. I’m sure most of you aren’t aware of these, unless of course you are living near a countryside distillery in an old European city.  

  • Everything associated with Wine has a rationale behind it. The label, bottle, how you pour, make a drink, hold it and store.
  • Some provide information about the geographical origin, others about grape varieties and age.
  • How you hold the Wine glass is also connected with the right temperature it should be consumed at. Ideally, It should be held from stem.
  • Even Wine tasting has some rules,order and guidelines.
  • Another interesting story about Wine is that women were prohibited to drink it in ancient Rome. The family was allowed to reprimand them in such cases. Surprisingly, females today, are drinking Wine more than they did in past.
  • A Speyer Wine bottle is known to be the world’s oldest Wine, found near a historical site near Germany in 1867.
  • While an uncorked bottle of Wine can stay good for years, the ones that are drunk from time to time should be kept away from moisture and air.

Most people believe hard drinks are all to blame for health issues and chronic problems but there’s another side to it.

When consumed in limited quantities and followed with healthful drinking patterns, these drinks are equally safe. Infact, hard drinks are increasingly being preferred over tea and caffeinated drinks these days.

Modern day generation is wise and doesn’t hesitate to question conventional takes on what’s right and wrong in their diet. No wonder why Wine is being preferred over other drinks.

What I said might just be in contrast to consumption figures below but a lot has to do with new recipes and drinks coming to the fore. These have certainly restricted Wine and spirits craze to certain extent.

Having said that all, these figures are still very encouraging. Take a look at this infographic to know who consumes Wine the most and who tastes it intelligently well –

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