10 Dental Apps to Help You with Oral Health

Smartphones have changed a lot about the way the world works. From shopping to movies everything that needs you to step out of your homes is available just a click away. Healthcare is no exception to this trend with a number of apps that are available today to keep track of your health concerns. Dentistry is also on par with this trend with some outstanding oral health apps making rounds that promise to inculcate and help follow good practices for dental hygiene and health.

Here are the top 10 Dental apps you can explore.

  1. Dental expert: Caring about your smile becomes easy with this amazing app that you can avail from iTunes. This app is free and educates the users about the various dental procedures and the types of equipment available such as EZ IO needles, and this way you can skip lengthy consultation at the office and have all the information handy. It also provides dental tips for the users that they can follow on an everyday basis and first aid for emergency situations. The app gives tips on how to care for your child’s teeth and how to get healthy and white teeth and various such information.

Source : Virtual Dentist

2.Virtual Dentist: This app acts like a dentist at your disposal anytime and anywhere. You start by uploading a picture of your teeth and the app then simulates dental procedures. The simulations available include implants, gum reshaping, whitening, braces, dental reshaping, gum bleaching etc, that gives you an idea of what your teeth could look like after these procedures. This app is free and is compatible with iPhone and iPad and is also available for Android.

3.Teeth whitener: A perfect smile can make every day better and this app lets you know what it would be to have the perfect smile with whiter teeth. This is a paid app available in the Apple App Store. It gives a comparison of any photograph from your library and shows before and after pictures to give the user an idea of how one would look with bright teeth.

4. My Smile: Similar to Teeth whitener, My smile also aims to give a glimpse of how amazing it is to have whiter teeth. The app has a 15 shade card that is used for comparison with your teeth. You can upload the image and get a shade for your teeth. This app is particularly beneficial for people who would like to monitor their progress after using whitening kits or procedures to understand its efficiency. This is also a paid app and is available on the Apple App Store.

5- Colgate tooth Fairy: This app makes family dental hygiene a fun exercise. With brushing timers, tips for oral health and exciting games such as teeth battle, this app helps in building healthy dental practices for the entire family. The app is free and available on Google Play Store.

6. Kids Dental: When it comes to creating a fun app for kids this dental app tops the list. This app uses creative animation to educate kids about how to brush, floss, the importance of visiting dentist, having a healthy diet etc. Voted as the best app of 2011, kids can experience the story of various characters available in this app and learn the best dental practices in a fun way.

7.Quick Brush: the Quick brush is a brushing guide that is useful to ensure you have covered all parts of your teeth. The app has timers for various sections of the mouth to ensure there is quick and proper cleaning happening every time you brush. The app also provides tips for healthy brushing and flossing habits, instructions for the right way to brush and floss etc.

8. Braces Help: Having braces can be quite painful as well as hard to maintain. But with Braces Help the users can know about how to care of your braces as well as how to solve problems caused while wearing them. If you have or plan to get braces then this app will be the perfect companion to get you through this period by giving you answers to all the questions you might have for your dentist. The app is available on Google play store as well as the Apple app store.

9. Dental Phobia: If you are among those who have a fear of visiting the dentist, then you can get hold of every detail you can get through a visit from this app. It contains information about various dental services that are available, the steps involved during these procedures and also some tips to get through them. The app is available on Google play store and this the perfect way to get around your dental visit anxiety.

10. Monster Mouth DSS: This app is a simple way of teaching the importance of dental hygiene in a fun way. It is an adventurous game app for kids where they act as a dentist for the monsters and the aim of the game to clear their dental problems before their mouth closed shut. The problem could vary from understanding hidden cracks to clearing cavities and the app makes it fun for the kids to enjoy. It is free and is available on iTunes.

Dictionary of Dental terminology is yet another app that is amazing for maintaining your dental health. It explains the terms of dental medicine in simple words for the users to understand the problems and possible methods of recovery.

Various dental information is available on the net these days. From basic dental hygiene techniques to Oral sedation dentistry training, everything is truly just a click away.

These 10 amazing dental apps could be a great companion for achieving good oral health.

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