7 Latest Fashion Trends For Spring

Spring has definitely sprung and it’s time to update that wardrobe accordingly. No more bulky sweaters and plenty of light layers and new sandals are in your immediate future with this season change. How ready are you for Spring this year?

Fashion trends change constantly so taking a look at what trending sandals are popular, and what colors are hot this season is always a great idea (and pretty fun too.) If you have a more specific wardrobe need in mind, like hiking sandals, you’re in luck there too. Check out these seven fashion trends young people are loving this Spring.

1. Sandals

Nice weather means no more boots to lug around. Let your feet enjoy the sun in style. Sandals are always popular and this year is no exception. Trending sandals this year are getting the bling treatment. Slides, platform sandals, and even flip flop styles are all coming in metallic shades, adorned with rhinestones, or in new materials like premium denim.

If blinged out sandals aren’t your cup of tea you’re not left out of enjoying some updated looks. Hiking sandals are getting some upgrades as well. Brands from Teva to Merrell have newer sleeker designs, more closed toe options, and sturdier materials. Fashion sandals or hiking sandals, the theme of Spring 2019 seems to be “upgrade.”

2. Accent Feathers

Feathers aren’t new in fashionable items but this year they are being used more as a subtle accent, or to make a piece look especially fluffy. If you aren’t sure how to try out this trend there are some great options out there to dip your toes in the water.

Feathers are adorning everything from shirt sleeves to fun and funky purses. You can try out this trend without looking like Big Bird and see if it’s a good fit for your Spring wardrobe. Color can play a big role in how you feel when trying out this more adventurous trend, so look for your favorites and go from there.

3. Hooray For Crochet

Crocheted pieces were plentiful on the runway for Spring 2019. The great news here is that it’s an entirely updated way to wear crochet. No need to worry about looking like a grandmother’s afghan this time. While in the past crocheted fashion has relied heavily on crocheted squares, 2019 gives us entire designs that are crocheted.

If the hippie vibe of past years’ crocheted sweaters and ponchos aren’t your thing, you might be surprised at how this look has changed. Think fewer granny squares, more high fashion prints made out of fine yarns. Some of the designs may even cause people to double check before realizing you’re testing out this update on an old look.

4. Colorful Options

This year there was quite a wide spectrum of color presented for your fashion options. There’s a definite trend towards neon colors coming back in a big way. Shoes seemed to be especially popular for adding in bright color pops without looking like a highlighter is your entire outfit.

That being said if neon isn’t your thing the opposite choice is coming to you in a big way too. Muted earthy tones like khaki and earthy greens are also proving especially statement worthy. Understated and professionally polished looks are very popular in these colors so testing out this version of the color trends is very office attire friendly.

5. Unexpectedly Pastel

Pastels are a given for any year’s Spring season but this year it’s showing up in some new ways. If you aren’t a fan of head to toe pastel looks that have been trending in past years, that’s ok this time around. Pops of pastel without looking like an Easter candy is a hot look. Try adding a pastel blazer to your outfit for a simple way to update your look.

One of the most unexpected places pastels are showing up is in denim. Very light washes of rose and lavender colors on jeans and even jean jackets are highly popular right now. It’s a great way to embrace the fun of pastels after dark winter colors, and you’ll find plenty of options to add in this subtle hint of color this year.

6. Getting Matchy

This is a newer trend and although it has hints of updating past looks it’s also uniquely its own look in many ways. Matching sets are a very popular thing this year. While in the past this may have meant the dreaded pantsuit look, that’s not the case right now.

Matching sets that come with a fashionably cut blazer and shorts instead of pants are the newest way to wear a fully matched outfit. It’s a great way to incorporate the earthier tones mentioned earlier as well. A trendy look of a light jacket and shorts in khaki will let you fit right in with anyone else loving this look right now.

7. Puffy Sleeves

Before you brush this trend off as something that should be left squarely in the 80s, give it another chance. Puff sleeves were everywhere on the runway this year. From dresses to bell sleeved tops this look came back in a big way and seems to have some staying power.

The sleeves have been updated of course, and no longer have a look that suggests your sleeves could touch your ears. There’s a looser feel overall, giving it a chicer and less severe look than its 80s counterparts. It’s more about flow and less about angles now, and the look really has overcome its past fashion faux pas. Don’t write it off before checking it out.

Spring is a great time to refresh your look and test out some of these new trends. Or test all of them out. Being adventurous with your look is low risk and high return more often than not. Keep in mind a lot of these looks will transition easily into Summer and you have even more options to look forward to wearing. Updating your look with these new trends is sure to be a real head-turning statement. Enjoy.

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