7 Tips to enhance your social media marketing campaign

Social media platforms are integral to your marketing strategy. With customers looking to work with brands who have more transparency, it is important to give them a platform where they can hold you accountable, and see how you operate in the real world.

It is also a great way to connect with your customers globally and promote your brand. But including social media in your marketing strategy is not that simple.

You need to find the correct platform and incorporate the right strategies to ensure that a particular platform works for you.

Your goal is not only to increase your followers but to also keep customers engaged and convert them into potential leads. All this will require a team of talented people, hard work, dedication, time, and money.

The reach of social media is huge, and it is relatively affordable or free than most traditional methods of marketing. So, use it wisely and to get you started we have some tips that will work for you and your social media marketing campaign will bring more customers, sales, and brand recognition for your business.

Let’s start with the tips..

Tip 1: figure out the purpose of your brand

You started a brand with a purpose in your mind. It reflects in your brand’s mission, end goals, vision, and so on.

Now, the first step is to figure out what and how you will curate your content on social. When you know the purpose of your brand, you have an idea on how to represent the same to your followers on social media.

It will help you find your voice, your style, and a way to answer every question that is being directed to your business.

Tip 2: Use good and effective tools for visuals

As we all know that all social media platforms work on visuals. Instagram is all about visual content. Even on Twitter a tweet with a meme or a video or an image drives more engagement than a normal post.

An image alone can drive 94% more traffic to your blog or website or app. Also, the consumer retains visual content more.

But creating and editing visuals like images or gifs or infographic is not easy. They are time-consuming, and using someone else’s work is not good. Thus, save your time by investing in some good tools for creating visuals like Canva.

Tip 3: You must have tone and voice

As a brand, you are offering your viewpoint, now to make a connection with consumers, ensure that you have a unique voice and tone.

It may take some time, but the way you post images or captions becomes your voice. So, keep in mind that they provide a human touch and resonates with the purpose of your brand.

Tip 4: Upload content that has some value to it

Social media is a platform that helps you communicate with your customers. One of the key elements of communication is value-added content. It is quite hard, but make sure that whether your content is empowering or snarky or comical, it adds value to your brand and the customer.

All you need to do for this is to research your audience and figure out what type of content is relevant to them. Once you know this, you need to use that to create a persona around it.

It will help you enhance your social media platform and drive more engagement.

Tip 5: Post at least once a day and be consistent

You must post at least once a day. If you can post more, that is good. But striking a balance and being consistent is crucial to keep you active in the minds of your customers. If you are juggling too many social media platforms, first see if having a presence on all of them is serving you a purpose or not.

If not, then delete some of those accounts. Now, focus on the remaining account. Posting more than once a day may not be possible for you, but you have to post once a day. If you don’t, your followers won’t see any reason to follow you as you don’t have anything relevant to offer will bring down the engagement rate.

You should have a content calendar that tells you what you can post each day. It is a document that will keep you organized. With scheduling tools, you can schedule your posts for the whole week in a good and then work on other content and aspects of social media.

Tip 6: Customer feedback

The whole point of running a business is to ensure your customer is satisfied and happy with your products and services. Thus, getting their feedback for the same is important. Use your social media platform to get their feedback to know whether your marketing tactic is working for them or not.

You can run a contest or offer discounts or something of value to the customer to encourage them to provide you with feedback. You can even use stories on Instagram or Facebook to ask questions regarding a new product or service in a creative manner.

Tip 7:  Take help for curating content

It is important to have a bulk of content that resonates with the customers and holds value to your brand as well. So, ask your other department to share success stories or content that you can use on social media.

For instance, you can ask the sales team to share insights into the highest sold product in a season. Why that product is famous and so on. Using this content, you can engage more people.

Also, use user-generated content. If you have reviews or feedback on a job well done or for a product, share it with your followers. It provides more credibility to you.

Social media marketing is the need of the hour. As of 2020, 3.75 billion people use social media daily, and this number will keep increasing. Tap into this amazing platform and you will have multiple opportunities to connect with customers and promote your brand globally. You need to be vigilant while using social media because it keeps changing.


I am a blogger and have 10 years’ experience in marketing and my core focus is to build my authority as a blogger and I am doing this by writing actionable, useful and engaging contents.