How Do You Convince Pet Owners to Stay at Your Hotel?

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for families to plan trips to make the most out of the season. But with more than half of the households in the United States having a pet of their own, what’s in store for the four-legged family members when their fur parents are most likely to hit the road?

Pet owners only have two options. They’d either take their beloved companions with them or leave them in the capable hands of caretakers in boarding kennels or houses. However, many pet parents prefer the former as they cannot bring themselves to leave their faithful pets out of a fun family holiday.

In fact, a survey conducted by Go Friendly Pets revealed that about 95.5% of fur parents go out of their way to plan one or more getaway trips with their pets every single year. This explains why pet transport businesses, as well as pet-friendly hotels, are gaining more traction in the past years.

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The growth in these industries has made the scene more competitive for hotels that are vying to grab the attention of traveling pet parents. Some accommodations have stepped up their game by partnering with custom dog toy designers like PrideBites and commissioning pet accessories that carry their brand. In addition to this, hoteliers can follow these tips to attract more pet owners to stay at their hotel:

  1. Set affordable prices for pet-related services.

Understandably, hotels need to charge extra for the added service, equipment, and costs that come with allowing pets in their premises. The good news is that many pet parents are prepared to shoulder the extra cost just so they can travel with their furred family members. At the same time, though, it’s still a good idea to set a reasonable base amount for accommodating pets. In addition to allowing pets to stay, the hotel can also offer pet-friendly services and facilities that will attract more travelers to your business and add to your revenue.

  1. Be reasonable when it comes to restrictions.

It’s always a good idea to set ground rules and restrictions in pet-friendly hotels, but try to be as considerate as possible. Laying down conditions that are too restrictive can make pet owners feel unwelcome and dampen their holiday experience. Give them reasonable options for accommodating their pets. For example, you can make it a rule that all pets should be kept in crates when left alone in the room instead of forcing pet owners to use the hotel’s pet sitting services for an additional fee. Also, make it a point to inform guests about the rules that they should follow during their stay so that you’re both on the same page.

  1. Welcome pets in different forms, sizes, and shapes.

Many pet-friendly hotels are prepared to accommodate typical household pets like dogs and cats. However, it should be noted that there are also people who own exotic pets. Consider the possibility that a guest with an exotic pet will want to check into your hotel after hearing that the establishment has a reputation for being pet-friendly. How are you going to approach such a situation?

One option would be to be flexible and to ensure that your hotel can accommodate pets of every shape and size. Another option is to be straightforward with the type of pets that your hotel can accommodate. State this on your website so that pet owners can find out before even booking if your hotel can accommodate the pets that they will be bringing along.

Branding your hotel as “pet-friendly” goes beyond allowing pets in the premises; it’s about giving pets and their owners a welcoming experience. Start with these 3 tips and see what more you can do so you can convert pet owners into returning guests.

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