Cross-Promote Content On Social Media For More Traffic

If you want to move your followers beyond your social media channels and drive them towards your site, the most effective and useful way is to cross-promote your contents. Generally speaking, social media is all about conversations and establishing connections. This typically includes your marketing endeavors as well. However, you will hardly get the best results and the most out of these social media channels, Instagram or any other, until and unless you are making the best use of the links to relate and drive your followers to other channels, tools, and brands.

This ideally is the best way to increase traffic towards your website. Most importantly, this will help you to effectively and productively connect your social media contents to the Point Of Sale. Therefore, in a nutshell, it can be said that it is your social media followers who will determine the success of your marketing efforts and the effectiveness of your business website.

Start with the basics

Like always, you will need to start from the most obvious basics and that is by knowing a few facts and figures. It is not a long time back when Facebook acquired Instagram much to the surprise of several market critics and economists. However, over time these are the two social media networks that have become more integrated than ever.

  • You can use your Facebook ads for broadcasting your posts on both these useful and equally effective platforms at the same time.
  • In addition to that, you can also achieve a lot more by using the mixing features within the Instagram platform.
  • You can use your Stories to illustrate and to properly highlight the posts on your profile and vice versa.
  • Apart from that, you can use the video posts just as your Stories as trailers for the longer content on your IGTV.

Most of the major businesses and established brands of today use these features and make the most out of their social media accounts for the benefit of their business. There are lots of possibilities that these useful channels provide such as:

  • You can bounce your Instagram followers or any other among your social channels as well as your website, your store, and more.
  • In addition to that, you can also introduce your community to an entirely new range of content that will encourage them to avoid the so-called “walled and enticing gardens” of these individual social media networks.

If you too want to follow their suit, you will, however, have to remember that it is not only about increasing your reach within the different social media platforms but it is also about increasing the traffic towards your business site.

Using Stories in a better way

If you are determined to use the Instagram platform to encourage your followers to visit your site just like any other businesses then you will need to make sure that you use the Instagram Stories in the best possible way to guide the buyers during the journey and provide them with the best user and buying experience. There are several reasons to do so and that include:

  • Instagram Stories are typically the secret to the success as well as the meteoric rise of the social media networks
  • Going by the survey reports in the past year there were more than 400 million users that watched stories on a daily basis
  • Just as the name suggests you can use Instagram Stories to tell a clear and compelling story and
  • You can build a useful narrative especially if the specific video format you use is exceptionally short.

Ideally, the short-form social network is now a matter of the past but still, you can tell an epic tale in about six seconds or less. You will only need a few things that include:

  • A single image
  • Crisp and short text overlay and
  • A swipe-up link.

However, you will need to set up the right tone and expectation for a full article through these short Stories. This is when your followers will use the links given and will be directed to visit your site and in turn, will raise the traffic towards it. The result of it will be a better chance provided for higher conversion rate.

If you want to provide the best experience of the buyer’s journey then you will have to think about a Story from the buyer’s perspective. This will help you to effectively and successfully find out the needs of the buyers.

  • You will know you can guide your followers to seeing your content and from there to visit your site and make a purchase.
  • You will also know how to interact with them so that they do not take much time to make a purchase and still not make your conversation feel like you are pushing for a sale.

Most importantly, it will help you to deal with the trickiest part of the Stories which is transferring that connection of the specific social media platform that the buyer uses to your site.

Make the links count

To ensure that your digital marketing efforts are more Stories specific you will essentially have to make each and every link that you use in your posts count. This will ensure that these links create the desired opportunity for you as well as your social media followers.

Generally, scarcity of live links is one of the biggest challenges when you consider Instagram especially. This is because much unlike the other social networks, you will not be able to share clickable links on this platform. However, you are allowed to use it only on your Instagram bio. There are also different specific business tools that will allow you to add clickable links.

Ideally, these links will help you to keep the platform free of spam and in fact, this is one of the most significant reasons why most of the users like to use Instagram so much resulting in more than 800 million active users every month.

Therefore, you can now see that cross-promotion is not at all a difficult task to raise traffic.



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