Life-Changing Vacation Ideas that Heal Body, Mind and Spirit

Taking time off to go on vacation is something most full-time employed Americans are entitled to, but the sad reality is that many don’t take full advantage of this luxury. According to a 2014 GlassDoor Employment Confidence survey, the average American only takes half of their vacation time. Of that number, less than half actually travel for vacation. Taking a vacation isn’t simply beneficial for broadening your education by allowing you to experience new cultures, it can also add years to your life and keep you healthy. According to Health Net, taking vacations may decrease heart disease and combat depression. If investing in your physical and mental health is enough to convince you to take your entire vacation time to go explore new and exciting lands in the name of good health, then you may want to really enhance the health-factor benefits by taking a holiday to a destination designed to improve your health, be it psychological, physical, or spiritual care.

  • Yoga Resort Vacations

Wellness vacations are on the rise, and if you seek a vacation getaway that promotes physical, mental and spiritual health, finding an all-inclusive yoga resort that ticks all the “must haves”, would be ideal. An article by the Huffington Post looks at some pretty compelling reasons why yoga vacations are so beneficial that include:

  • Expand yoga knowledge
  • Improve yoga movements
  • Visit new places
  • Meet new people
  • Relax
  • Eat healthier
  • Try new activities
  • Detox from technology
  • Connect with nature
  • Meditate
  • Kick-start a new life

These  offers various yoga programs by true masters with a focus on connecting with your authentic self. Guests also enjoy trying new activities in Mother Nature like zip-lining through the trees, surfing, and bike riding through jungle trails. Guests enjoy organic farm-to-table food prepared by a top, local chef and the resort resides far away from the interruptions of city life and technology. Here, you can meet new like-minded people, try plant medicine rituals to detox your mind, body and spirit, and begin a new life transformation that will welcome better health across the board.


  • Spiritual, Cultural and Historical Vacation Spot

If you are looking to improve your spiritual health while getting a history lesson, consider a visit to Israel. There are a number of Holy Land tours to Israel for Christians that bring Biblical history to the conscious mind and help restore one’s faith. These companies also offer Jewish heritage tours that help Jews from all over the world connect with their history and cultural identity. Connecting with your faith, culture, and heritage not only brings peace of mind in improving your psychological health, but various studies show that a strong religious and cultural identification can improve heart health, and research shows that people who have strong faith tend to recover more often from major health issues like cancer.


  • Scuba Diving Vacation Spots

Famous underwater explorer and film-maker Jacques Yves Cousteau once said, “From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.” Scuba diving not only opens up a brand new world to beauty, complexity, and simplicity all weaved into one but it also offers psychological, physical, and spiritual benefits. If you aren’t already certified you can get your PADI Open Water certification in less than a week allowing you to dive anywhere in the world (so long as the sites aren’t for advanced divers) as deep as 60 feet. Scuba diving has psychological health benefits because it boost confidence and develops leadership skills, and its physical components (swimming) burns calories. Spiritually, scuba diving is beneficial for many who have deep connections to nature. If you want to experience the underwater world and find your zen spot at the same time, consider travelling to Bali. This small Indonesian island offers world-class tropical diving, and on land you can participate in meditation and yoga retreats that purify the soul.


  • Wellness Vacations that Rejuvenate You

 In many cases, simply taking a vacation where you try new things may open doors to a newly discovered activity that becomes a passion, and that restores your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Travel to places that offer variety, and that differ as far away as possible from your life’s normal routine. Find a place where you can go cave exploring, meditate, and learn to make clay pots. Or choose a destination where you learn to snow ski, take photography lessons in the heart of Mother Nature, and engage in spiritual rituals in sweat lodges. The world is full of loving energy, and if you open yourself to its mysteries, it can promote wellness and transform your life to something even more amazing than it is now.

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