5 Smart Home Features Every Villa buyers Must Be Aware of

Technology in current times is shaping up human lives. Needless to say, homebuyers have not remained untouched by it. For a homebuyer, it is the overall package that comes up with smart homes which includes security alarms, kitchen appliances, high-end accessories and much more. The quality of living gets enhanced by many folds with such advanced gadgets installed at home.

These advanced features come at a high price. People tend to look out for the gadgets which are easy to use and do not cost much on higher side. Such is the craze of these advanced features that if you go out to check out some villa property to purchase you will find all these features already installed there. As the technology develops and people start using these gadgets we can surely expect a drop in prices due to market competition. The advancement in technology is so volatile that many are not aware of some of the smart home gadgets that can substantially improve and help the individuals at home.

If you want to have a dream home installed with these smart features, the first thing is to know about the available gadgets in the market. Here is the list of six most prominent smart home features that aid in hassle-free living:

1- Security

Security is of prime concern for every homebuyer. Sophisticated gadgets such as alarms or surveillance cameras aid in the safety of family members. With just a push of a button, you can initiate an alarm or lock off a part of property without physically being at your home.

Besides recording live feed, some of these security gadgets monitor your daily activity in terms of noise levels, activity, temperature etc while some even allow you to stay connected with your family members with an option to chat with a person in the room. These highly advanced gadgets ensure that outside intruders are kept at bay.

2- Kitchen

Smart home kitchen means smart kitchen appliances. These appliances can direct and help a user with instructions. These sort appliances are able to keep a track of time and provide a due warning or any suggestion useful to the respective chore.

So, next time if you need to look out for a recipe you need not run for your laptop rather these appliances connected to the internet can help you with the same. All you have to do is install the app on your android or I-phone to take advantage of smart features.

3- Thermostat

Smart thermostats are capable of adjusting to the specific requirements of the home environment. Depending upon the temperature inside the house it can adjust the temperature by itself. A smart thermostat is able to:

  • Recognize your daily schedule
  • Adjust the temperature of the room according to the temperature of the respective rooms.
  • Connect with smart-phones and accordingly set temperatures inside the house.

So, even if it’s freezing cold outside you need not get out of your bed to adjust the temperature your smart thermostat will do the needful.

4- Home entertainment

With smart home entertainment, the homeowners are able to set timers or preset settings with the touch of a button. With home entertainment automation there is no need to manage a different set of remotes for different functions. Single remote lets you turn on the television, watch your favorite Television series or movie on any channel and even adjust the volume with the press of a single button.

You can be anywhere in the house and yet control the settings. So, if it’s some music you want to listen to want to hear some podcast you can be all relaxed and tune into your favorite channel without any fuss.

5- Lighting

Smart home lighting helps homeowners to cut down on their electrical bills. The lighting arrangement automatically is switched off if there is no activity or the room is empty. Not only this, it is programmed to adjust the brightness of the bulb and can be dimmed whenever required.

You can rest assured that you won’t fumble in the dark as is the case with traditional lighting arrangements.  The moment you step into the room the light automatically is switched on. It makes a house safe and secure for your family members who otherwise might bang their body against wall or bed edges in dark.

These were the prominent smart home features that you should look out for if planning to buy a new home. You can easily install these gadgets inside your home with professional assistance and in the process give a futuristic appeal to your home.

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