How to Decorate a Small Living Room

Usually, when it comes to talking about a living room, most us think about a place to watch television programs, hang with friends, screen movies, play indoor games with children, take a nap, or read a book. However, it doesn’t happen with all of you. Some of you have small living rooms.

You look for ideas on how to decorate it to make it appear bigger if you have a small living room. Here are some practical steps for your support:

Opt for a low seating arrangement

With a lower settee or sofa, you can make your ceiling appear higher than normal. You can play with scale and proportion to get the required help in your living room arrangements. Place the small side table along with the lounge chair and add pillows for making the lounging more convenient and comfortable.

Work with rugs, especially a bigger one

For the inner part of your drawing room, you can select a bigger mat with a bold pattern to make it appear bigger. Your rug should be larger in length than the place covered by your sofa. With this, you can assist the anchor space. Further, you can do corner seating. You can place custom doormats to welcome the one who comes to see you.

Arrange it to make multifunctional

Being creative and working on making things usable for several purposes are highly effective when you have a lack of space in your guest room. Suppose that you have only one room and don’t have a separate room to hang out with friends or anyone who comes to see you. You need to make your single room functional for several purposes. Install a sofa-cum bed to use your room as a living room in the day and a bedroom at night.

Let the outside come inside

Avoid blocking it with dark curtains if you want to have abundant natural light in your drawing-room. Do the things to make it more open and airy. You can vacate the window area, opt for hanging light curtains, leave the windows open and replace wooden windows with the optical one.

Keep your guest room cozy

Openness in a small space is what makes it inviting and cozy. For a cozy feeling, you can opt for placing soft rugs, select a plush and keep the seating items close & intimate. You need to make the things of your living room super functional and welcoming.

Hang artworks ingeniously

Hanging artworks in a small living room is different from one in a bigger space. Here you need to be a little clever and avoid creating a gallery on your guest room walls. If you are eager to have a wall gallery for it, make hanging paintings close to the ceiling. With this, you can make the space look bigger. Besides, you can think of hanging small artworks in ascending order.

Install bright lights

Lighting has a vital role in decorating a space. When it comes to decorating a small living room, opting for a bright lightening system is always beneficial. With its brightness, a bright light highlights everything placed inside, paving the way to look bigger.

Paint your living room walls white

Using white color to paint your walls and for floors is the easiest way to brighten up a small space. Further, painting walls white makes your hanging large artwork more attractive. Furthermore, it makes a colorful furniture piece a focal point of your living room.

Rethink your coffee/tea table

You can place two small tables in place of a big coffee/tea table in your living room. With this, you can facilitate better movement and opt for removing the tables if required. Easy removal of a big coffee table is not possible.

Take the benefit of having a high ceiling

Make efforts to have benefits of high ceilings when you feel a lack of surface and footage space. You can highlight the tall windows with show stopping wallpaper and high curtains. Keep the design simple but value extra fabric for better fullness.

Stay stick to a tight color story

Having a small space doesn’t stop you playing and having fun with colors. You can stick to a tight color when you want to incorporate brightness and pretty pastels. Further, you can do a mixing of patterns wisely.

Float your furniture

For a better appearance, you need to arrange your furniture items again. Pull all your furniture pieces toward walls. You can leave a little space between walls and furniture items to make the room appear wider. Further, you can place an antique stool along with the sofa.


Decorating any venue or home is highly tricky, and it becomes more challenging and trickier when a person, like you, has to work with a small living room. Proper planning and your creativity can help you a lot in decorating your small guest room and making it look bigger in its appearance. Use your creative mind and start to work on your living room decoration.


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