8 Benefits That Companies Must Look For In A Payroll Software

Payroll software is a tool that more and more entrepreneurs from different sectors are acquiring. Many companies in the process of calculating payroll easily and in some cases for free. Opt for solutions that do not satisfy all the needs of salary registration, discounts, news, among others.

It is important that you think of a platform that has modules in which news is easily registered and taxes and parafiscal discounts are calculated.

With payroll software it is easier to automate the data entry and complex processes that users must perform manually, this undoubtedly saves labor costs and the only non-renewable resource i.e, time. 

If you don’t have yours yet and you are looking for the best payroll software for your company, in this article we will tell you 8 benefits that companies must look for in payroll software.

Features that your payroll software should have

We guide you so that you know what are the functions that the ideal software for your company should have. To achieve this, it is important that you safely choose the system that you should implement based on the needs of your company, so our suggestion is that you focus on the processes that are essential for you and at the same time operational so that you know which ones you can digitize. Here we tell you why it is important for you to think about that when implementing your payroll software. 

Basic functions of a payroll software

The basic functions of payroll software can be found depending on the type of program or the choice of service you want. Although it is true that not all companies have the same needs, you should be clear that the basic functions, depending on the size of the company or other aspects, do not always cover the needs they have. Do you want to know what benefits does a payroll management system provides? Here we tell you.

1. Data storage and management

Data storage and management are some of the most basic functions that payroll software has. This function can help you include the personal information of your collaborators, related documents, salary, among others. 

2. Calculation and issuance of payroll 

The calculation and issuance of payroll are another of the basic functions that any payroll software has.

With this function you will be able to configure your program to establish what will be the calculation of the liquid or gross salary, the way in which you are going to pay your collaborators, that is, monthly, weekly or daily, the type of workday of each worker either part-time, part-time or full-time, etc.

It is also possible to include the salaries or the limits in the established hours according to the collective agreement with the collaborators. 

3. Sending the information to your accounting software

There are some payroll software; Among its basic functions is the sending of payroll information to the accounting software you use, if you have one in your company, this function will help you streamline the workflow and the link between financial operations and of human resources. 

4. Payroll Tax Administration

Another of the basic functions of great importance in the administration of taxes related to payroll, this is a simple procedure for these programs since they do the calculations automatically. Sometimes it is possible to integrate payroll software with the treasury system, in order to save time and paperwork for this management. Here you can read an article about the usefulness of payroll software and inventory management processes.  

5. Management of important dates

Among the basic functions of your payroll software, that manage key dates and other common administrative procedures, such as retirements, vacations, work accidents, absences, among others.  

Advanced features of a payroll software

Some companies have requirements, related to payroll, a little more specific. For these companies there are more advanced payroll software functionalities; In general, these functionalities cannot be acquired individually, for this reason, it is recommended that, if you need these advanced functions, you carefully analyze the needs of your company and compare them with the advanced functions that your payroll software offers you.  

6. Direct deposit to your employee’s account

The direct deposit of the checks in the accounts of the collaborators is a very useful advanced function for companies, this is because with it you can save time and administrative procedures because it is a cyclical process. Another advantage that you can have with this function is to avoid problems due to the loss of checks and complaints from collaborators for late payment. 

7. Management of settlement for an employment contract

In the event that you need to indicate the end date of the contract of one of your collaborators, you can carry out the settlement management automatically. In this case, the program will be in charge of calculating the amount that must be paid to the worker taking into account his seniority in the company and all legal aspects. 

8. Remote access to your payroll system 

Remote access to your payroll system is an interesting function for those companies that need mobility, another case is for those in charge of managing the payroll of several companies simultaneously. This means that thanks to the ease of mobile devices and your payroll software, several people will be able to work with the software simultaneously without any problem.

Integrated with other Programs

With the expansion of businesses, the payroll management process becomes a little more complex and it will surely need to integrate with other applications, for example, Free time tracking software, accounting, HR, timesheets, and other reporting tools.

The integration of payroll programs with other systems will have to be compatible with the productivity and business applications that you use or plan to use. Keep in mind that the import or export of the different types of files works in different formats: PDF, DOC, JPEG, CSV, and TXT.

The possibility of integration with cloud storage is also an advantage when it comes to backing up records.

If you are interested in acquiring payroll software for your company, keep in mind that you must acquire the one that best suits the needs of your company, but at the same time complies with everything you need so that you do not have to pay more for your services. 

These are the main functions that payroll software has, it is important that you keep in mind what the needs of your company are, in terms of payroll management, so that you choose the one that best suits them.



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