8 Free Tools to Remove Duplicate Files and Photos in Mac 2018

Most time the reason behind Mac’s slow loading or hanging is storage problems. To restore enough space in our Mac, it is crucial to find and delete duplicate files.

Now similar files can be anything- music, video, documents or images. We can find more than one copy of the same audio/video, which eats up the hard drive.

So, it is imperative that you find and remove the extra files. Manually finding and deleting them is a slow and time-consuming task.

This is why we have compiled a list of best tools of 2018 that will help you to remove duplicate files in Mac. These advanced software tools work on smart algorithms to help you find and delete all duplicate files even from the darkest corners of your device storage.

Best Tools to remove duplicate files in Mac 2018

  1. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate photo cleaner  can find and remove duplicate files effortlessly. It scans all your files quickly irrespective of its size. It also has the option of backing up the files in-case you want to retrieve any. It is one of the best duplicate files finder tools for Mac which makes it easier to scan all your folder and files. It supports all major file formats to deliver instant and accurate results. In addition to de-duplicating your device’s internal storage, it also supports cleaning external storage devices. Using its matching level option, you can find and delete both similar and exact match files effortlessly.

  1. Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Cisdem Duplicate Finder 3 removes the similar file from your Mac in three quick steps. It is a great tool to clear out enough space for your Laptop/Computer. It compares the file size, name and other random aspects for a deep and accurate scan. All the duplicate files are then classified into different categories. The categories are 7 to be exact which includes Music, Videos, Archives, Packages and more. While working on advanced techniques, it offers instant and effective cleaning of your system to recover valuable disk space.

  1. Disk Drill

Source: – cleverfiles

Disk Drill is a powerful tool that removes all shadow files within seconds. The best feature of this tool is file recovery.

So, even if you delete a file accidentally, you can recover it. The files can be restored easily in seconds while your system files are being scanned. It can recover any sort of files like images, videos, audio, and even text.

  1. Gemini

Source: – iphonecake

One of the easiest tools for finding and removing duplicate files is Gemini 2. It has a fast scanning algorithm which finds and deletes similar files in Mac.

This tool works in 10 different languages, and you can buy it for $19.99. It also lets you preview your file before you delete them which is useful option to avoid deletion of valuable files. You can scan your whole disk to find out duplicate files and erase them and improve your disk space easily. By default if you removed any required files then you can recover them from trash because the tool move deleted file to the trash.

  1. Mac Cleaner

Source: – soft32

The next best duplicate file remover for Mac is Mac Clean. This tool is quite quick and like all other apps aids you in locating and removing duplicate files. It uses various languages which include English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese. It lets you apply filters to your search like type, size and so on that helps you get accurate results in effortless manner.

  1. Duplicate Detective

Source: – itunes

One of the best duplicate file remover software for Mac is Duplicate Detective. Its Robust Search Engine compares the documents; this helps it to find copies of them.

It can find any type of duplicate documents like photographs, recordings, sound documents and so on. It finds the duplicate document by name, size, type and so forth.  The user has the option of decreasing or increasing the size of duplicate files.

  1. Easy Duplicate Finder

Source: – easyduplicatefinder

Easy Duplicate Finder tool helps you to recover storage by deleting all duplicate file in a single click.  It is a powerful tool for Mac and removes all sorts of documents, photos, MP3s, videos, and more.

It has a single user-interface that makes removing multiple files in single go easy.  Easy Duplicate Finder has advanced algorithms and searches techniques. This makes finding and removing shadow files easy and quick.

  1. DupeGuru

Source:- hardcoded

One of the best duplicate document remover tools for Mac is DupeGuru. It also supports Mac OS X and Windows. Dupe Guru is an amazing tool for Mac as it removes duplicate file amazingly.

It filters your hard plate and finds copies. This keeps the documents sorted, and you can save records of everything without worrying about duplicate files.

These were some of the best duplicate file finders for Mac in the year 2018, which will perform as the best file and photo management tool. They will clear your Mac from unnecessary files in minutes. Let me know in the comment below which duplicate files remover tool worked for you.

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